.Lenkadu Releases New Single with Uplifting Message that ‘You Are Not Alone’

Born in the Czech Republic and now based in Sonoma County, Lenkadu is an avant-garde performer who uses her voices as her instrument and combines eye-popping visuals to accompany her far-out music.

Lenkadu shows off her full range of dynamic and emotional artistry in the new single, “Birthing,” available now for streaming on Spotify and other platforms and as a music video via YouTube.

“I wrote this song from the experience of giving birth to our son,” Lenkadu writes in a statement. “Birthing for me was a sublime participation in mother nature’s ingenious design for creating and protecting life. My mind and body worked in a unison, allowing me to relax as I was carried on the journey of life and filling me with confidence in my capacity to endure.”

For the new single, Lenkadu utilized audio samples of her son nursing, manipulated vocal tracks that move from stratospheric heights to animal-like lows, exotic scales and pulsing tribal rhythms. Lenkadu’s mentor, Boston-based electronic musician Lucid Creatures contributed beats and bass for the song, and Patrick Stephenson contributed to the visuals for the music video; the rest was self-produced by Lenkadu in her ‘Magic Garden’ studio.

As the song transforms from gentle anthem into a dance track, Lenkadu sings both in English and Czech, painting a rich visual picture of her experiences in motherhood.

“Birthing also taught me that pain is an inherent part of a major transformation,” Lenkadu writes. “Before giving birth, pain to me was something to avoid, a signal to retract from whatever I was doing. While birthing my baby and simultaneously a new version of myself, I had to recode my relationship to pain. To surrender, participate, even welcome pain, ride the current wave, breathe before the next wave hits and most of all just be, be present.”

Like her other recent releases, “Birthing” showcases an artist pushing musical boundaries while taking on the new role of motherhood and enduring a pandemic.

“Our current world is filled with much pain and mourning, forcing us to reinvent how we take care of ourselves and others,” Lenkadu writes. “Filled with confidence in nature’s coherent design and in our human capacity to endure, I hope this song can bring a reassurance that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.”

“Birthing” is available to stream now on Spotify, and the music video is on YouTube.

Charlie Swanson
Charlie Swanson is a North Bay native and an arts and music writer and editor who has covered the local scene since 2014.
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