June 5: Annadel XC at Annadel State Park – POSTPONED TO JUNE 25

In mountain-biking circles, the Rockhopper is the stuff of legend. A race featuring early adopters of a new kind of racing. Guys like Gary Fisher, Gavin Chilcott, Tom Murray. And the place couldn’t have been better: Annadel State Park. With threats to close Annadel coming from Sacramento almost monthly, it seems, Bike Monkey is bringing back the Rockhopper under the banner of the Annadel XC—a 14-, 19- and 27-mile race benefiting park upkeep and providing a formalized race on the best mountain biking trails in the region on Sunday, June 5, starting in downtown Santa Rosa through to Annadel State Park. 8am. Spectators free; registration open until day of race, info. at www.bikemonkey.net.

UPDATE: Due to rain, this race has been rescheduled to June 25. More details here.

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