July 23: Justin Hellman at Bluewater Bistro

We all watched it, and we all felt our hearts sink like rocks. Tom Watson’s missed putt on 18 at the British Open ended a weekend of improbable hopes and unbelievable excitement, as the 59-year-old golfer maintained a constant lead throughout a weekend that seemed too good to be true. Suddenly, it was pre-Tiger golf, with none of the club-swatting or fist-pumping. Golf as it was played 30 years ago. You know, Watson’s game. Steady, level-headed and gracious even into the brutal unraveling playoff, Watson kept his cool while losing ground out in the rough. Was he thinking about how close he’d been to being the oldest golfer to win a Major? Was he thinking, possibly, about being young again, the way that everyone hopelessly glued to the tournament thought about having one more shot at greatness? Either way, he gave us a hell of a ride. So here’s to Tom Watson. Be sure to raise a glass to him when jazz bassist Justin Hellman performs among the fairways on Thursday, July 23, at Bluewater Bistro. Links at Bodega Harbour Golf Course, 21301 Heron Drive, Bodega Bay. 707.875.3519.Gabe Meline

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