Geometric Movements

Sculpture and dance intertwine in Santa Rosa

For more than 30 years, San Francisco’s acclaimed Margaret Jenkins Dance Company has redefined the limits of choreography with such innovative projects as the ongoing Site Series (Inside Outside), in which the company’s experimental dancers must adapt to and incorporate unusual environments into their work.

This weekend, the company does just that when they present Dancing in the Sculpture, a new show set among the dozen massive outdoor metal sculptures on display as part of the Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation’s exhibit “Geometric Reflections” at Paradise Ridge Winery’s hillside gallery Marijke’s Grove. For this unique recital, each dancer from the company has chosen a different piece of sculpture to perform with. After the choreographed presentation, the audience will be invited to join the dancers to discuss the creative process, a long-standing staple of the dance company’s vision for using art as a conversation starter.

Margaret Jenkins Dance Company’s “Dancing in the Sculpture” takes place on Sunday, June 18, at Paradise Ridge Winery, 4545 Thomas Lake Harris Drive, Santa Rosa. 5pm. $75; kids 12 and under, free.

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