.Former KSRO Host Melanie Morgan Soars into Flamingo

Hard-right media militant Melanie Morgan will soar into the Flamingo Conference Resort & Spa tonight for a talk sponsored by the regional NorCal nest of the Eagle Forum, where birds of a particular “family values” feather, have flocked together since 1972.

Morgan, the former KSRO talk show host, was spotted not long back in Marin County, where she had been a long-time resident. In 2017 the Marin I-J reported that she and a small group had gathered to push a hardline immigration message at a Novato school meeting called by the principal to try and reassure the children and parents that they’d be safe from immigration raids.

The Eagle Forum is itself opposed to any budget-wall “deal” that includes a DACA renewal, according to its website, along with its historical opposition to gay marriage, reproductive rights, and the Equal Rights Amendment.

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

Morgan’s also been going after a corrupted liberal media and its flights of fact-challenged fancy, through organizations called Media Equalizer and Stop The Scalpings, the latter of which seems to exist solely for the purpose of making sure Sean Hannity is never fired from Fox. 7 p.m.


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