.David Baldwin: CHROMA Exhibition at Art House Hotel

On Friday, October 13, Santa Rosa’s Art House Hotel invites art lovers and sip on some wine while admiring the astounding artwork on display at the opening reception of David Baldwin’s latest exhibition: CHROMA.

Featuring five of the best pieces from Baldwin’s extensive body of work, CHROMA offers the unique opportunity to view art from before and after his recent transition into a style that is, at its core, a celebration of the underrated and evocative qualities of a single sense — the sense of color.

“We saw and just fell in love with David’s work…” said Jane Vick, curator of CHROMA. “Everything he does is freehand and I don’t even know how he keeps his hand so steady.”

Baldwin is a self-taught artist who, with the help of his wife and acting manager, has pursued painting as his full-time profession. Now, he strives to create artwork that speaks to his artistic passion for finding the perfect color palette for every painting.

“I think I started getting so much in my head in the last seven years that I painted myself into a corner,” said Baldwin. “Only recently, I was able to admit to myself that my skill is in color and in composition…and I’ve finally learned to lean into that.”

“At the end of the day, art is all about color as a sensory experience for me,” continued Baldwin, “I think there’s a huge power to color and it is very underrated as far as a sense goes. The last thing I want is art that’s complicated and challenges me too much…I really crave for colors and shapes that take me into a mellower vibe.”

The opening reception of CHROMA begins at 5pm, as will the wine service, snacks and the musical track created by Baldwin himself (to match the art, music and mood). The reception ends at 8pm, though the exhibition will remain on display for months to come.

“At the reception, visitors can sip their wine and stand in front of a piece and spend some time getting to know it as a singular piece and as a part of an exhibition,” said Vick.

This in-house exhibition is the second of its kind and will continue the Art House Hotel tradition of showcasing the work of local and incredibly talented artists. Baldwin’s work will hang on display in the hotel’s Gallery Lounge through January of 2024, so stop by any time before then to admire Baldwin’s art in all its in-person color, size and vibrancy.

“This work that’s displayed at the Art House represents a little bit of a transition and evolution in my work…,” said Baldwin. “The Art House Hotel gig is super cool; it’s such a great space and I feel very honored to have my work on the walls there.”

Art House Hotel and its current CHROMA exhibition are both located at 620 7th St. in Santa Rosa. Visit the website at arthousesantarosa.com for more information.


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