Compost It

Compost It

A long and painstaking process by the City of Santa Rosa, involving extensive public input, determined that the most appropriate location for a much-needed local composting facility is the Laguna Wastewater Treatment Plant on Llano Road. That determination is now being challenged by local residents. A public hearing is scheduled for Thursday, March 5, at 1:30pm at the Santa Rosa City Council Chamber.

Since Renewable Sonoma’s composting operation was shut down at Mecham Road in 2015, our county has been exporting green waste and importing compost to and from Vacaville and Ukiah at a terrific carbon footprint and financial expense. This is one of those cases in which the benefit of carbon sequestration and carbon footprint reduction should prevail over personal interests.


More Compost

I am writing in support of the reopening of our composting facility in Sonoma County. It is the right environmental move for our county, in taking action, to stop the out-hauling of our food scraps and valuable green material and provide local, high-quality compost here again.

It does not make sense to be sending our high-quality soil amendments outside of our county, creating increased carbon footprint and reducing the amount of high-quality soil amendments here, in our own county. Not to mention the price of out-hauling then shipping an inferior product back for resale.

Sonoma Compost, key partner in Renewable Sonoma, has a track record of producing high-quality composts and mulch that totally enhances plant growth, improves our soil health, saves water and sequesters carbon that is crucial to our county.

I have a dynamic garden at my home called “Miss Daisy’s Magical Wonderland” here in Sebastopol. For me to offer the most delightful experience, I depend on this soil enhancement.

As we are awakening and aware how important it is to be in action of climate change improvements, I am in support of going forward with plans to open Renewable Sonoma and bring Sonoma Compost back to Sonoma County where it belongs, please.


Bad Taste

This is an excellent production and since the reviewer gave it a 4 out of 5, it seems like he actually enjoyed the play (“Talk of the Town,” Feb. 19). But the first and last paragraphs put such a “bad taste” in one’s mouth about it and hardly feel like an invite to go and enjoy the show (Urinetown at Spreckels).

I am disappointed that Harry felt he had to begin and end the review this way and that the rest of the review seemed lukewarm. This cast is excellent, the story prescient and relevant to today, and the review did not do justice to this show.


Looks like Harry had fun writing this review!


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