.Intriguing Look – The inimitable Cincinnatus Hibbard

By Jane Vick

Good morning all! Happy Wednesday! How has everyone been? I’ve just come back from a weekend in Los Angeles, where I attended a three-day wedding featuring a photobooth and a ferris wheel that I can say has made me more grateful than ever for Pedialyte. Pro tip: if ever at an event and plied with copious libations, drink an entire bottle of Pedialyte before falling asleep and prepare to awaken with a song in the heart and a spring in the step, as P.G. Wodehouse would say.

On to this week’s Look! I’m not being hyperbolic when I say that Cincinnatus Hibbard is one of the more intriguing human beings in Sonoma County, and certainly one of the most fascinating I’ve ever met. Though I am beginning to understand that I didn’t appreciate how much intrigue and mystery these Northern California hills hold.

The name Cincinnatus Hibbard may sound familiar; this is because they organized the recent North Bay Fashion Ball—see image—which was a roaring success. Hibbard is a walking art project, and I asked them about how they achieve it. Their answer:

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

“Life is composed of continuous art media. So everyone is implicated in this art thing. The invitation to continuous art practice is not continuous beauty, but truth. Continuous truth. That beauty is truth is more than an old saw; the principles of aesthetics are the principles of truth. A beautiful canvas is a category, and a data set is a beautiful canvas. Efficient use of ecological resources is aesthetic minimalism. A beautiful relationship is a well balanced symmetry, and a true democratic community is the most beautiful spiritual community.”

Hibbard sees their role of tending to the garden that is the Sonoma County creative community clearly, and gracefully participates. Upcoming, expect a podcast called Sonoma County, a Community Portrait, creating individual audio-portraits of community members. Expect also two short films, one titled We Are in Heaven, and the other promoting Gene Sharp’s Methods of Nonviolent Action. Along with the North Bay Fashion Ball, which is now an annual event, Hibbard is launching another annual event, called “The Avant Garde of Everything.” All this, says Hibbard, “amounts to tending our garden. It is the small part I have to play in culturing our Eden.”

Did I not say, utterly intriguing? Lucky us, Sonoma County!

Looking phenomenal, everyone.

See you next week!



For more images from the inaugural North Bay Fashion Ball, visit  https://www.flickr.com/gp/195772638@N03/53V572.

Jane Vick is an artist and writer based in Oakland. She splits her time between Europe, New York and New Mexico. View her work and contact her at janevick.com.


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