Black Gold

Mole tasting in Point Reyes Station

Looking for the richest dark liquid known to man? Drilling in the plains of Texas will not yield results as satisfying as simply heading out to Pt. Reyes Station this weekend.

On May 12, Gallery Route One hosts a mole tasting to benefit its Latino Photography Project. Chocolatey-meaty-rich stews and sauces from many regions of Mexico will be represented, all prepared by Pt. Reyes locals. If having to move the event to a larger space this year to accommodate the influx of curious culinistas is any indication, it may be wise to arrive early.

There’s brown and black mole, red, yellow and even green mole, depending on regional preference. Order mole in a restaurant, and it’s likely to be mole poblano, the well-known brown sauce version. Each version has over 20 ingredients (and doesn’t always contain chocolate). On top of it all, almost every ingredient requires some kind of preparation before adding it to the pot, which takes about two hours to simmer.

All of this setup is a good argument to let the masters do the mole cooking and just help out with the tasting part. Taste a ton of mole on Saturday, May 12, at Dance Palace. Fifth and B, Point Reyes Station. 6:30pm. $5–$15. 415.663.1347.

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