.Best Way to Work Hard but Play Soft

Flamingo Resort & Spa, Santa Rosa

At some point in the history of humanity, the idea of recreation and physical activity became conflated as being one and the same. As with most of these social ills that plague our era, we can probably trace it back to the patriarchy and capitalism. But before one lambasts my woke Barbie-pinko sympathies, consider this: Isn’t vigorously working out one’s body while expecting it to “recreate” itself like rebuilding a car while driving it? Then crashing it into a wall graffitied, “You’re Too Old for This Shit.”

Think about it: “Recreation” is derived from the Latin “recreatio,” which means to “create again, renew.” What is there about plunging down rocky terrain on a mountain bike or heaving sports balls at each other that has anything to do with renewal? “It gets you outside in nature,” one argues. Listen, kid, I’ll commune with nature plenty after when my corpse is in the ground supporting a worm ecosystem.

Newton’s First Law of Motion says bodies in motion tend to stay in motion. My First Law says bodies at rest can go to day spas. And when day inevitably turns to night, thankfully, plenty of spots with spa services also let one crash there. They’re called resorts, and we have them all over Sonoma and Napa counties. A local favorite, of course, is the Flamingo Resort & Spa.

Located in Santa Rosa, the Flamingo Resort & Spa is where one goes to work hard but play soft—really soft, like marshmallow-into-hot-chocolate soft. With its mid-century modern charm, this iconic getaway offers a sanctuary for those looking to unwind without the risk of breaking a sweat unless it’s in their state-of-the-art spa. With a history steeped in Hollywood glamor, it’s a place where one can feel like a star without having to act like one.

Guests can dive into their Olympic-sized pool, or let their spa services melt the stress away faster than one can say “recreatio.” And when the sun dips below the vineyards, one can retreat to one of their plush rooms, dreaming of the next day’s adventures—or lack thereof. Because at Flamingo Resort & Spa, one is only expected to lift one’s spirits (and maybe a glass or two of local wine). So, if the idea of recreation involves more rejuvenation and less perspiration, this is the haven. Forget about crashing into walls; it’s time to crash into comfort. — Daedalus Howell


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