.Best Place to Not Drown Your Sorrows but Teach Them to Swim

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Flora Luna, Petaluma

Dear Reader: I broke from a deep sleep to the sound of a thunderclap—wait, no, it was just a person closing their door three floors above me. Still, when you’re this hungover…

Bleary-eyed, I think to myself that maybe, just maybe, tequila and fermented brews aren’t what will keep me from the brink of infinite woe…instead, perhaps bitters without the bitterness of boozing is the way to go!

And so I set out to unearth the rarest of treasures, a diamond in the rough (world of casual post-pandemic alcoholism): a bar with no booze. And that, dear reader, is how I found myself in the chicken-revering streets of Petaluma, sequestered in the cozy embrace of Flora Luna, the North Bay’s best and only alcohol-free cocktail lounge.

I sip my artisanal beverage, a spicy number called “No Strings Attached,” and think to myself, “At Flora Luna, I’m not drowning my sorrows—I’m teaching them to swim!”

Flora Luna is located at 122 Kentucky St. in Petaluma. For more information, visit the website at floralunaapothecary.com. — I.C.


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