.Best Place to Escape Existential Dread, Manspread and Be Fed Flatbread

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Spread Kitchen, Sonoma

Most of us from the North Bay Area need the same basic things in order to survive: food, water, wine…you know, the bare essentials of life. But in order to turn that “survive” into more of a “thrive,” diners require just one more surprisingly scarce commodity—a place to manspread those legs and be fed flatbread whilst fighting off a looming sense of impending existential dread. Luckily, Sonoma’s own Spread Kitchen has this particular niche covered.

In Napa and Sonoma counties, the food and drink scene is famously and obscenely good. So good, in fact, that one could easily find one of the best dining experiences of one’s life entirely by accident just by getting blindingly drunk on a wine tasting tour, throwing a dart at a map of the county and eating wherever it lands.

But there comes a time in every foodie’s life, especially those spoilt from living in a climate as culinarily rich as that of the North Bay, where we start to crave something more substantial. And in between bites of gold-filigreed caviar blinis and sips of perfectly paired wine that’s rumored to be as old as the concept of America itself, one can really begin to question whether or not the hole in one’s soul can be filled—at least not without a whole lot more flatbread and room to manspread.

At Spread Kitchen, diners can sit outside with arms and knees akimbo, taking up as much space as possible while enjoying plate after plate, dip after dip and sip after sip.

Spread Kitchen is located at 18375 Highway 12 in Sonoma. To learn more about this authentic yet creative take on Lebanese cuisine, visit the website at spreadkitchensonoma.com, send an email to [email protected] or call 707.721.1256.


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