.Best Industry To Sublimate Your Rock Star Dreams in: Cannabis

Best Industry To Sublimate Your Rock Star Dreams in: CannabisLast month, cannabis website Leafly released its annual jobs report, which showed that despite the pandemic and the economy going into slo-mo, the legal cannabis job sector sprouted up 32%, to 321,000 workers, by the end of 2020. To that end, those working in the legal cannabis trade—including those who directly service the industry, such as accountants and PR pros—currently outnumber electrical engineers, EMTs and paramedics, or dentists in the U.S. Even more pipe-dropping is the fact that the industry grew a whopping 71% through 2020 and took in $18.3 billion in revenue. For perspective, that “approaches the size of the recorded-music business,” writes cannabis columnist Dan Mitchell of our sister paper the East Bay Express. Apparently the music biz only booked a measly $20 billion in 2019 according to the Recording Industry of America. Looks like it might be high time to put down the guitar and pick up a career in cannabis which—if you’re like any of the aspiring rock stars I know—you’re already kind of doing. Amirite?—DH

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