.Best Cutty Spot to Play Hooky & Smoke a Blunt Like in High School

Poppy Hill, Healdsburg

First things first: No one heard this from me. But if one is looking for a cutty spot to park a car and do the kinds of things they don’t wanna do in public—but are also tired of doing at home—a little birdie told me about a sweet and storied perch called Poppy Hill at the north end of Healdsburg. For local high schoolers, at least in the old days, this was the ultimate destination for engaging in unmentionables. (And when it comes to unmentionables, always trust a high schooler.)

To get to Poppy Hill, just follow Sunnyvale Drive all the way east, until there’s a sketchy gate. There one will find a gravel pullout overlooking the City of Healdsburg. (Overlooking the high school in particular, come to think of it.) You’ll know you’ve arrived when you see a swarm of “No Parking” signs with graffiti all over them—plus one “No Fireworks” sign, for good measure. Which brings us to an important disclaimer: What I’m talking about is probably not allowed.

Poppy Hill is right next door to a quiet neighborhood. I’m willing to bet that certain residents would not hesitate to call the cops on you. So check it out at your own risk. And now that you hold the sworn secret of the children of Healdsburg, you also hold a great responsibility: Treat it with respect. This has been the go-to makeout point for generations of young lovers—an altered-state adventure zone for countless emboldened youth. Let’s not go and ruin it for their children and their children to come. — Simone Wilson


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