Bad 13 Challenge Countdown

 The Bad 13 Challenge winner will, after WEEKS of anticipation, be announced in this Wednesday’s Bohemian. Yes, indeed: bigger than the Oscars.To hype things up, we’ll be posting the playlists of non-winners all week long. Everyone who sent us Bad 13 Challenge entry is, in their own way, a winner, and our hats go off to them all.Here’s the entry from Nielzine, a repeat offender who chipped in on the Hot 13 Challenge last year.Nielzine’s Bad 13 Anti-Metal I have spent two hours, one pack of Camel Lights, ten beers, two “magic” brownies and 30,000 brain cells on this Bad 13 tape.      I pride myself on many titles. One, of course, being “Bad.” I am here today to take the title of the worst Anti-Metal! I am the Lord of Bad Metal!          Be prepared to be electrified by my metal horns of pure doom. You will cry and scream for help. In the end your mind will sweat with remorse for daring to listen to these horrors I record for you. Please hold my cloak. They know my soul. I will be your guide. Hold tight my youth as we travel into the Anti-Metal abyss. Are you ready for the pain! I warned you! 

  1. Kiss the Bastard—Saints and Sinners
  2. Blueberry—Lita Ford
  3. Big Boys Don’t Cry—Extreme
  4. Colors—Saigon Kick
  5. Kiss It Goodbye—Helix
  6. She Wants More—Slaughter
  7. Just for You—Bango Tango


  1. Hold the Dream—Firehouse
  2. Unskinny Bop—Poison
  3. Ceremony—The Cult
  4. Bang to the Bone—Every Mother’s Nightmare
  5. Word—Live Skull
  6. Since I Don’t Have You—Guns N’ Roses

 The sick part is I own all these tapes. Amazing what a dollar can buy. P.S.—Be glad I can’t record my albums! Nielzine’s Bad 13 entry had some bad songs (check out the lyrics to Lita Ford’s “Blueberry”, and everything single thing about Guns N’ Roses awful treatment of “Since I Don’t Have You”), yes, but overall it is way too fun to be a true contender. It was also our only cassette entry. “Unskinny Bop” is a total blast to sing karaoke to, by the way.

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