.Harry Duke

Oct 13, 2021

‘Noises Off’ Hits Mark

There may be no group more deserving of a laugh right now than the theater community, as pandemic-related closures and cancellations led to a...
Sunset Boulevard comes to Sonoma
Oct 6, 2021

Close Up

Sunset Boulevard Billy Wilder’s film classic, Sunset Boulevard, is a Hollywood tragedy of operatic proportions. There were several early attempts to bring the story...
Sep 29, 2021

Deathly Duo

‘Murder for Two’ kills Santa Rosa’s 6th Street Playhouse opens their GK Hardt Theatre with Murder for Two, a title that neatly sums up the...
Sep 15, 2021

Fraught Friendships Onstage

The circle of life takes center stage in the North Bay with two plays featuring females dealing with challenges ranging from child rearing to...
Sep 13, 2021

Entitled Assholes Will Be The Death of Theatre

What were we thinking? Who were we kidding? Did we really think that the segment of the theatre audience made up of entitled assholes...
Sep 8, 2021

‘Galatea’ Soars

Sci-fi shines onstage Science fiction has long been the purview of film and, to a lesser extent, television. Live theatrical productions of the genre are...
Sep 1, 2021

HR Farce: A Zoom of one’s own

Patty from HR is pissed. After being fired from her dream job as the human resources director at The New Yorker magazine, she’s been...
Aug 25, 2021

Yard Bard: Shakespeare in micro-doses or in full

For theater lovers who prefer their Shakespeare “al fresco”—or for those who are still hesitant about venturing inside—two North Bay companies are presenting free...