.Greg Cahill

Aug 1, 2007

He’s (Still) the Man

August 1-7, 2007It hasn't exactly generated a media blitz, but 1967 is notable not only for the blossoming of the Summer of Love, but...
Jul 25, 2007

Sound + Vision

July 25-31, 2007This is Tom Jones (Shout Factory/Time Life)Still riding high on his 1965 smash-hit single "It's Not Unusual," singer Tom Jones snared a...
Jul 4, 2007

Under the Covers

July 4-10, 2007Music producer Hal Willner kicked the tribute album craze into high gear in 1988 with Stay Awake: Various Interpretations of Music from...
Jun 6, 2007

All Together

June 6-12, 2007All Music Guide: 'It's a lonely place out there on the road when you're doing it alone," says singer and songwriter...
Mar 28, 2007

High Voltage

Mar 7, 2007

Soulsville, USA

March 7-13, 2007America is doing some serious soul-searching. After six years of treachery in the White House, opinion polls show that an overwhelming percentage...