.Chelsea Kurnick

Oct 24, 2023

Body of Work: Blood is magic for drag artist Hollow Eve

Drag performer Hollow Eve has brought their art to hundreds of stages all over the country, from dive bars to fine art galleries to...
Snoopy Senior World Hockey Tournament 2023
Jul 21, 2023

Electric Zam: Meet Snoopy’s new ice resurfacing machine

‘Peanuts’ and Zamboni go together like Michael Jordan and Nike. Four years before the basketball star first signed the deal which resulted in the Air...
Snoopy Senior World Hockey Tournament 2023
Jul 18, 2023

Nice Ice: Snoopy’s Senior World Hockey Tournament draws a friendly crowd

For 10 days this month, the parking lot of Snoopy’s Home Ice became a reunion spot for families and long-lost friends from around the...
Jun 27, 2023

Psyched: Doc recounts when The Cramps and The Mutants played Napa State

Forty-five years before Red Hot Chili Peppers headlined BottleRock, Napa hosted a legendary rock concert with a very different flavor. We Were There to Be...
Maia Kobabe - Photo credit: Chelsea Kurnick
Jun 19, 2023

Maia Kobabe: America’s Most Banned Author Won’t Be Silenced

Note: Maia Kobabe’s pronouns are e/em/eir. Maia Kobabe, author-illustrator of “Gender Queer: A Memoir,” sits atop a picnic table at Ragle Ranch Regional Park, eir...
Santa Rosa hand vandalism - Courtesy of Santa Rosa Police Department
Jun 13, 2023

Pig’s blood vandalism case returns to Sonoma County court

With her phone and handgun by her side, a Santa Rosa woman said she lay awake every night of the Derek Chauvin murder trial...
Apr 18, 2023

North Bay Lesbians Bond Over Film

In 2021, Pam Adinoff traveled to Provincetown, Massachusetts, and watched a documentary that would change her life remarkably. The Unlikely Story of the Lesbians of...
Mar 28, 2023

National Women’s History Month was born in Sonoma County

It was the late 1970s. Molly Murphy MacGregor, a graduate student at Sonoma State University (SSU), taught a lively class on Women and Social...