.Chelsea Kurnick

Ray Tilton portrait
Nov 30, 2021

World AIDS Day: The State of Treatment and Prevention in Sonoma County

“In the beginning, we had to pull every resource together in order to take care of each other,” says Ray Tilton, 58, who has...
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Oct 6, 2021

Cutting Ties

Handline parts ways with Lowell Sheldon Sebastopol’s Handline shared on social media Friday, Oct. 1, that Lowell Sheldon will no longer be a partner in...
Handline sign
Oct 1, 2021

Sebastopol Restaurant Handline Separates From Lowell Sheldon After Allegations of Assault

Sebastopol’s Handline shared on social media today that Lowell Sheldon will no longer be a partner in the restaurant. The news comes less than...
Sep 27, 2021

Rotten Core: Former Employees say Farm-to-Table Restaurateur is Toxic and Abusive

Note to readers: This story contains descriptions of sexual harassment, assault, disparaging language and intimidating behavior.  “If the owner walks in and everybody, front and...
Sep 27, 2021

Sebastopol Restaurateur Lowell Sheldon Accused of Sexual Assault

Note to readers: This story contains graphic description of a sexual assault.  Between original reporting by the Bohemian published today and Saturday’s San Francisco Chronicle...
Jul 21, 2021

Search Warrants Shed Light on Pig’s Blood Vandalism Investigation

Legal documents released last week begin to illuminate the Santa Rosa Police Department’s investigation into the April 17 vandalism of a Derek Chauvin defense...
Petaluma City Council - June 7, 2021
Jul 9, 2021

City Council Will Vote on Removing Member of Petaluma Race Relations Committee

At their Monday, July 12 meeting, the Petaluma City Council will decide whether to kick a controversial resident off of a committee tasked with...
Santa Rosa Police Department poetry reading - May 2021
Jun 8, 2021

Bad Blood: Santa Rosa Vandalism Sparks Divergent Investigations

The April 17 vandalism of the former home of Barry Broad, a defense witness at the Derek Chauvin trial, has triggered two competing investigations.