.April 6: Honey Ear Trio at Throckmorton Theatre


Erik Lawrence’s saxophone is wild, in the best possible way. Tethered by stellar drummer Allison Milller, who’s played with everyone from Ani DiFranco to avant-garde saxophonist Marty Erlich (in addition to her own band Boom Tic Boom), and Rene Hart on bass and electronics, the Honey Ear Trio fearlessly blasts through soundscapes spanning multiple genres. Based in a jazz improv tradition, this is the sound of musicians willing to push the boundaries. Their latest album Steampunk Serenade came out in 2011, and they show off their signature electronic jazz-rock-soul experience on a double bill with Todd Sickafoose’s Tiny Resistors on Friday, April 6, at 142 Throckmorton Theatre. 142 Throckmorton Ave., Mill Valley. $18–$28. 8pm. 415.383.9600.


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