.Amor Para Todos Founder Renee Ho

Amor Para Todos was founded to save the lives of our LGBTQIA+ youth. But what is now a 501 (c)(3) non-profit with 100 local volunteers began as a family effort to save just one young life.

Founder and executive director Renee Ho is part of a “ very big and very loving Mexican-American family, with lots of kids, and everyone helping to raise each other’s children.”

When one of this family’s young children came out as transgender, there was a family effort to get educated. What they discovered was a shocking statistic: 41% of LGBTQIA+ youth and 50% of transgender and nonbinary youth have seriously considered killing themselves.

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

A former schoolteacher, Ho’s mission is to make local schools safe for these children.

CH: Renee, can you list a few of Amor Para Todos’ inclusion offerings for the school and the classroom and how they can be made safe spaces?

RH: Starting Amor Para Todos’ student clubs on campuses and the purchase of Pride flags for schools creates inclusive, safe spaces and visual representational support.

CH: Two points that jumped out at me from your mission statement were “increase gender/LGBTQIA+ inclusive/anti-bias knowledge and skills among school staff, community leaders and parents/caregivers through workshops,” and to “facilitate district adoption of a general TK-6th grade gender/LGBTQIA+ inclusive curriculum to meet California Education Code and Fair Act standards.”

I understand that most of your programming is backed by California State Law and Educational Code, that what you are really helping out with is compliance. Can you explain?

RH : For years, we have been educating school folks about laws born in the mid 2010s that support our programming. We support schools to be in compliance with laws, such as the FAIR act, the California Healthy Youth Act and the All-Gender Restroom Signage Law.

CH: “Amor Para Todos,” literally, “Love For All,” is heart-centered. Can you bring a love-based approach to administrators or teachers that are prejudicial?

RH:  I meet them where they are at, with amor. I believe all folks are where they are at due to their past and present experiences and do not judge them for that. I listen with an open heart, and that makes progress.

CH: Tell me about your upcoming fundraiser, Thursday, May 30 at The Block Petaluma.

RH: Amor-filled event for all, with music, food and more! Donate at least $10 to giveoutday.org/organization/Amor-Para-Todos to help us win a virtual fundraiser.

Learn more. If you need support or want to help, email [email protected].


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