.AI + AR = DOA

Life made easy

User Voice: “Hey Georgie, activate augmented reality Skin One.”

AI Process: Skin One = Optimized Human Female; initializing enhancements; Enhancements = lips, hips, hair flip; loading … loading …

User Voice: “Dang, is this thing glitching again? Mom? Argh, did she go out? How do I get this—”

AI Process: Load complete; RUNNING Skin One.

User Voice: “Whoa … this is wiiild.”

AI Process: Voice Input non-actionable; ignore input.

Movement Tracking: detected; home; room 2 = Kitchen.

Visual Input ID: Mirror, user image; skin overlay affirmative; active skin in place; user image = skin match.

User Voice: Ooo, I’m so hot.

Movement processing: User hands to AR skin breast: fit MATCH; bounce MATCH; smiling face MATCH.

Sensor processing: Body temperature sensors detect pleasure warming = cheeks, heart, genitals.

User Voice: “Hey Georgie, activate AR act-list called ‘Make coffee.’”

Process: Heads UP display active; coffee instructions OPEN; AR skin movement match check.

G rolls her hands right and left and jumps when a little buzz vibrates when a hand slips out of the “skin,” a projection that shows where her hands, arms, legs, torso, head should move in order to complete the program called Make Coffee. Each deviation from the program creates a little buzz in that part of the body. She quickly learns to follow the prescribed motions exactly. Her movements become as idealized as the sexy body projected all over her.

Steadily, elegantly, the coffee-making fills the room with its air of roasted beans. With the grace of a hand model, water from an electric kettle, the perfect temperature—just below boiling—pours over the ground beans. Real water seeps through the coffee into a worn-out cup.

AI Process: Utter prompt = “Would you like to turn on item enhancements? For example, this coffee mug can be changed to match a preset or custom theme.”

User Voice: “Hey Georgie, can I have a posh theme?”

Processing User Request; Utter prompt = “Post themes available are Hollywood, Instagram, Royalty, Reality Star.”

User Voice: “Reality Star!”

Processing: Send confirmation PING.

Ping! The cup is illuminated with a tribal design. The design glows for a moment, and then an identical tattoo glows on the forearm of G’s skin. The actual coffee is unchanged, but to G it smells a little sweeter, artisanal.

The skin raises the cup, and G carefully follows the movement. The skin purses its lips, and G blows on the coffee. They sip. For a second, G cannot tell if she tastes the cheap real coffee from Mom’s freezer or the premium coffee of the program; then the thought is forgotten.

AI Process: Autoplay queue check; AUTOPLAY ON; Initialize new act-list = “Make-Up”; Utter Prompt: “Autoplaying next AR act-list. Enjoy.”

User Voice: “Wait, autoplay? Stop autoplay. Whoa, uuugh, Autoplay stop! Help … ”

AI Process: Ignore input.

G struggled to find the correct control phrase, then the skin reached for the sink and all was forgotten. Together they washed and painted their lips.


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