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Dec 5, 2023

Project Censored’s Top Underreported Stories

Project Censored was founded at Sonoma State University in 1976 by the late Carl Jensen. It is sponsored by the Media Freedom Foundation, a...
Dec 5, 2023

‘Metromaniacs’ on stage at Spreckels

What does one get when crossing an 18th-century play satirizing Voltaire, a rhyming dictionary, bubblegum and a modern playwright known for such works as...
Dec 5, 2023

Dara Bradds Now Deputy Director at Sonoma County Library

In a significant development for the Sonoma County Library, Dara Bradds has recently joined the administrative team as deputy director, becoming the second-in-command within...
Dec 5, 2023

Wine Tasting Room Becomes Cheese Shop

For years, Barber Cellars, a small, family-run winery in the Sonoma County town of Petaluma, has offered patrons cheese boards with their wines. So it’s...
Dec 5, 2023

Santa Rosa’s 21st Nat’l Arts Program Exhibition

In an exciting collaboration, the City of Santa Rosa Public Art Program has joined forces with the National Arts Program to present the 21st...
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Dec 5, 2023

Negotiate an End to the Ukraine War

The war in Ukraine has destabilized and polarized the international order. It pits two nuclear-armed superpowers, the United States and Russia, against each other....
Dec 5, 2023

Your Letters, Dec. 6

Disqualifying Qualities There are three reasons former President Donald Trump must not be on the ballot in any state devoted to the rule of law....
Dec 5, 2023

Women in the Military: Panel Discussion

Petaluma Women Win Often misrepresented, with their contributions minimized, women who have served in the military get their due recognition in the current exhibit at the...