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A 26-year-old former nurse from Singapore claimed that she is living a more than decent life, earning up to $20K a month and receiving luxury gifts as a Sugar Baby. Belle (not her real name) said that her current status is a contrast to what she used to earn–despite having a nonsexual agreement with Sugar Daddies.

She said she had struggled to make ends meet before she turned to a Sugar Daddy dating app, Sugarbook–an app that introduces Sugar Babies to wealthy men. Two years after her sign-up, she said she is now living lavishly with financial backing from her relationship with Sugar Daddies.

Opening up on her arrangements, Belle said that her contracts are nonsexual. Belle said besides her pay-per-meet sessions–where she charges up to $1,500 per date–she also has longer-term arrangements with two other men who help her financially in exchange for her company.

In total, she is said to have earned about $200K from sugar dating, excluding the lavish gifts that she said she got from different Sugar Daddies she met along the way. She said among her precious collection are Hermès handbags and jewelry pieces worth over $150K, a number of Gucci bags, Christian Louboutin heels and many other undisclosed gifts.

sugar baby dating established men
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Reminiscing on her previous lower-wage job back in 2021, Belle said she was introduced to Sugarbook and became a Sugar Baby to alleviate her financial situation at the time. That was when she said she started to find men who would pay handsomely for companionship. Stumbling upon the Sugar Daddy dating app, she said she added her preference for the type of man she was looking for–and the rest is history.

Sugarbook is one of the well-known dating apps that empowers aspiring women like Belle to start mutually beneficial companionships with wealthy men. The app–which is also available on the website–has three main features: Dating, which allows users to browse each other’s profiles; Live Streaming, which lets Sugar Baby streamers connect with their followers; and Private Room, which enables Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies to interact 1-on-1 via video call.

Here’s a list of a few dating sites to keep an eye out for:

  • Sugarbook: One of the most popular Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby dating sites with over 4 million members and counting. It is also gaining popularity in the United States and Europe.
  • Sugar Daddy Meet: A high-end dating app that is popular among older men who are looking for charming women.
  • Ashley Madison: The site is known for its discretion and is popular among people seeking extra-marital affairs. Unfortunately, it was hacked back in 2015.
  • SugarDaddy.com: One of the top five sugar dating sites that monetize from Sugar Daddies.
  • Elite Singles: A high-end sugar dating platform frequented by wealthy and attractive individuals.

Belle also said she saved some of her earnings to travel abroad–mainly to her favorite holiday destinations such as Europe and the United States. While she and her Sugar Daddies enjoyed the trips, she said she ensures that her arrangements are still intact, to the point that they’ll never stay in the same suite.

sugar baby dating established men
Image taken from Sugarbook

Finally able to enjoy the finer things in life, she said she also sends some money to her family who have yet to learn about her dating life. Belle said that her family has a conventional mindset, although she would not mind explaining her situation once they found out. Understanding that being a Sugar Baby is not illegal, she said she does not feel ashamed of her profession.

“I hope people would understand that Sugar Babies are not escorts or prostitutes. I think prostitutes are forced to do what they’re paid to do, whereas a Sugar Baby can always say no when she’s uncomfortable around the partner,” she added.

Seeing the benefits of being in a sugar relationship, she said that she is content to be a Sugar Baby. For Belle, she said it’s the best decision she has ever made, which changed her life 180 degrees. She also said she has advised other women to be forward in being a Sugar Baby as it could open up opportunities to change their lives for the better.

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