.Cannabis Industry Leader: Solful Joins 1% for the Planet

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The cannabis industry is widely regarded as being environmentally wasteful due to the numerous regulations and restrictions surrounding the packaging, labeling and tracking of plants through the supply chain. Indoor growing practices also put a strain on energy resources, while the plants’ full potential can only be realized when grown in their natural habitat outside. 

Despite this, some cannabis companies still strive to maintain high levels of sustainability, recognizing that extra measures must be taken to align their values with their business practices. Still, it takes more than recyclable packaging and energy efficient grow lights to truly make an impact. Not everyone is able to step up to the plate. Yet, one pioneering dispensary has taken a bold step forward by joining 1% for the Planet, becoming the first and only cannabis company to do so and making a significant positive impact.

Solful Dispensary Highlights

Solful is a cannabis dispensary located in Northern California that aims to promote community health and well-being through the responsible use of quality cannabis. The company was established by Peter Dickstein and Eli Melrod, two local entrepreneurs who witnessed the positive impact of cannabis on a loved one during a hard-fought (and won!) battle with pancreatic cancer. This experience inspired them to create a dispensary that would make cannabis more accessible, understandable and normal for those looking to improve their health and happiness.

Mission and Vision

Solful was established in hopes of being a destination dispensary and, after careful planning, opened its doors in 2017. The company procures its whole cannabis from the Emerald Triangle region and works closely with a close-knit group of farmers to ensure that the cannabis they offer is representative of this fertile region. Solful and its partners believe that personal care, regenerative agriculture and attention to detail are key to producing quality cannabis. Solful holds all its products, from edibles to topicals, to high standards.

Solful’s Commitment

At Solful, the company values close relationships with local producers, as this helps to promote accountability and strengthen the community. Becoming a member of 1% for the Planet is a logical next step for Solful, as it demonstrates its ongoing commitment to the environment. The company believes that through its mission, vision and commitment, it can make a positive impact on the lives of those in its community.

solful cannabis dispensary northern california

Supporting the Community and the Environment

Solful is committed to not only providing high-quality cannabis products but also making a positive impact on the environment and the local community. Joining 1% for the Planet is a natural step for the company in fulfilling this mission.

“Environmental sustainability in the cannabis industry is critical. As this industry grows so does our footprint, and we have a responsibility to act responsibly and proactively,” said Eli Melrod, CEO and co-founder of Solful.

Solful already supports three local nonprofits in Northern California that are also approved Environmental Partners of 1% for the Planet. These organizations are:

  • The Botanical Bus, a mobile health care center, caters to Latinx and Indigenous communities with its culturally attuned, community-focused programs that utilize herbal remedies for holistic wellness. With the ability to communicate in English and Spanish languages, the clinic offers a level of comfort and understanding to its patients, bridging the gap between language barriers and providing access to the health services they need.
  • Daily Acts is a nonprofit dedicated to fostering thriving communities by promoting sustainability. With a focus on the climate crisis, the organization strives to educate and inspire change through community leadership and sustainable practices. Whether through sharing innovative solutions, encouraging policy shifts or simply building connections, Daily Acts is working to create a more resilient, connected and sustainable future for all.
  • The Ceres Community Project is a nonprofit dedicated to helping low-income families who are struggling with serious illnesses. The organization provides them with nutritious meals, community support and love, with a strong emphasis on the development of the youth involved. It was established by a small group of young teens who initially cooked meals in a borrowed church kitchen and has since expanded.

“Solful has always existed for the health, well-being and happiness of our community, customers and the planet. Now, more than ever, as recreational cannabis takes off and medicinal awareness grows, we want to ensure a healthier, more sustainable environment, which includes supporting important organizations that are working diligently to make our world a better, more liveable place,” said Melrod.

solful cannabis dispensary northern california

Solful Joins 1% for the Planet

Solful has made history by becoming the first-ever dispensary business member of 1% for the Planet. This organization certifies businesses that pledge to donate a portion of their annual sales to support environmental causes.

By committing to donate 1% of all sales from Solful-branded products to nonprofit organizations focused on sustainable agriculture and climate adaptation, the company aims to counteract its environmental impact and aid in the preservation of the planet.

The 1% Mission

Established with a mission to accelerate smart environmental giving, 1% for the Planet has been a trailblazer in directing substantial funding toward the preservation of our planet. With over $435 million successfully channeled to approved environmental partners, the organization prides itself on its unique and individualized approach to philanthropy. By forging connections between businesses and environmental partners that share the same values and principles, 1% for the Planet not only supports environmental causes but also reinforces the brand narrative of its members.

With over 5,000 members, all committed to safeguarding the planet, 1% for the Planet continues to make significant progress in securing a greener future. Solful is proud to honor its values and join forces with this esteemed organization.

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A Unique Solful Experience

A visit to Solful is not like any other dispensary stop. The knowledgeable Health and Happiness consultants are passionate about imparting information, paying attention and providing tailored suggestions based on each customer’s unique needs. With its 1% for the Planet membership, the Solful experience has elevated to new heights, becoming even more impactful.

Solful strongly values the education of its patrons and staff on the importance of preserving the environment. This membership with 1% for the Planet will augment these endeavors with initiatives like in-store educational resources and social media campaigns designed to raise environmental awareness.

“It’s crucial to prioritize environmental sustainability in the cannabis industry as its growth directly corresponds to our carbon footprint. At Solful, we feel a strong sense of responsibility to act responsibly and proactively,” said Eli Melrod, CEO and co-founder of Solful.

Solful has two well-established locations in Santa Rosa and Sebastopol and is excited about the opening of its third location in the Bay Area. In February, Solful opened a new 2,513-square-foot cannabis storefront at 900 Irving Street in the Inner Sunset neighborhood. This new location embodies Solful’s commitment to being a community-focused and boutique retail experience, and it is thrilled to serve the community. 

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