.Letters to the Editor: Appreciation for Good Journalism and More Thoughts on Time

Dirty Deeds

The two-part expose on the railroading of taxpayers’ $$ into the coffers of Darius Anderson and Doug Bosco—two owners of The Press Democrat—was fascinating (News, Nov. 3 and 10).

I had to read it twice to get the full effect, but it was worth the effort. It’s pretty clear that the public railway—taxpayers—is funding the private rail company—Bosco—with no end in sight. Add SMART to the mix and some political pocket-lining at a state and maybe national level … it goes on and on, and all with our taxpayer dollars.

My hat is off to the reporter Will Carruthers and the team that dug through all of this dirty deeding. I’m not sure what should happen next, but the investigative journalism was quite impressive. Please keep it up.

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

Liz Froneberger


Good Time

I really enjoyed reading Michael Giotis’ piece on daylight savings (Open Mic, Nov. 3). I wholeheartedly agree! Daylight savings is an outdated and disruptive system set in place back during wartime. Coming to rule a bigger and bigger share of our year, it has been proven to take a toll on people’s health.

For starters, it throws off our circadian rhythm, causing some people to not even adjust to the time change after several months.

From personal experience, the gloomy event of it getting dark at 5pm has made the days significantly less lively knowing that I’ll be losing an hour of sunlight. I like my sunlight and I like my health when it is light out! I would rather not have to worry about a higher risk of heart attack, workplace injuries and car accidents.

By moving sunlight into the morning, we continue to encourage dread and chronic misalignment. So yes, on with the revolution. Something needs to change!

Cece Trifoso


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