The past is present

Sometimes you probably wish you could go back to an earlier time in your life, a time when you felt free and happy, and life just flowed naturally like water in a stream. But is it an external condition you long to return to, or the way you felt inside at the time?

External circumstances cannot be rebuilt—just look at what happens to Jay Gatsby when he tries to repeat the past—but our inner world is a different matter, as the previous version of you is more than just a memory; it is preserved in a kind of ethereal amber that can still be felt. Those carefree chapters of life still exist, you just need to undertake the journey to find out where. But be warned, this is a difficult and painful adventure that requires much time spent in meditation and contemplation.

You must start by breaking through your linear concept of time, and begin to see your life less as a sequence of events spanning from birth until now, and more from the point of view of the consciousness operating inside you, which exists in a state of the eternal present. Gradually you’ll begin to see your life as a collection of selected experiences grouped around themes as opposed to a sequence of events. It’s like Marcel Proust and his famous madeleine cookie dipped in tea, a sensory experience that transports him across time, resulting in a 3,500-page novel called In Search of Lost Time.

Eventually you’ll arrive at a state of realization in which the story of your life feels less like an arrow shooting forward through time and more like a tree trunk growing outward while preserving the inner rings of earlier stages in its development. It then becomes possible to access these earlier rings through the electromagnetic energy field of the heart. At the risk of mixing metaphors, the target ring you seek—childhood, adolescence, young adulthood—has a frequency like a radio signal and still broadcasts that signal; it’s simply outside your linear perception of time.

When you land on it, you’ll feel transported to that particular chapter in your life, and your nervous system will pulse with the memory-sensation of how you felt at that time. This can be both terrifying and painful, especially if you land on the ring sometimes called the “inner child” and experience a confused and forlorn feeling in which you’re the eight-year-old version of yourself, cast adrift in the circumstances of your life in 2021.

But know that the spirit is there with you, that it always has been and always will be.

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