.Open Mic: My Friend, Tony Good

By Nikki Silverstein

I’ve been corresponding with an intelligent, quick-witted Pacific Sun reader for more than a decade. Tony Good lived on the streets of San Rafael. Although just 44, he suffered from several medical conditions and disabilities, and sometimes from drug addiction. He recently told me he thought he was going to die. Two weeks ago, I found out his demons got the better of him. He passed away.

Tony was born in San Antonio, Texas, and attended the University of Texas at Dallas. An avid writer, he previously worked for the Dallas Morning News, Digital Press Magazine and Electronic Games Magazine. You could also frequently read Tony’s musings in the Pacific Sun’s Letters to the Editor section.  

Well-read and up on current events, Tony was always prepared for a rousing debate on politics. I was forever on the losing end, even though we both leaned to the left.

Tony was a regular visitor at video arcades, where he loved playing classic video games. He often boasted he held the world record on his favorite game, Do! Run Run, and consistently played for one to two hours on a single quarter. He once jokingly asked me to include these achievements in his obituary.

My world has dimmed with Tony’s passing. I didn’t realize what a big part of my life he occupied, but his messages popped up every time I turned on my computer. In the same email, he could completely frustrate me and then make me laugh out loud. Until today, I didn’t know that Tony could also bring me to tears.

Tony is survived by his mother Lupe Bueno and sister Wendy Askew. His father, Antonio Bueno, preceded him in death.

Rest easy, Tony. You will be missed.

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