.Letters to the Editor: Water Wellness

California water well contractors: Now is the time to inspect your water well!

California, like much of the West, is facing a year of extreme drought which is causing some issues for residential water wells across the state. Water wells are a reliable, affordable and safe source of water for over a million California residents, and when properly maintained they can provide clean water for over 20 years.

During periods of extreme drought, an ongoing issue facing some homeowners is their well “running dry,” or not producing sufficient water for their household. Water wells that stop producing water can cause frustration and concern for homeowners, and one of the best ways to prevent this is by having your water well inspected and water level tested by a professional water well contractor. Water wells can slow their production for various reasons, and just because the water has stopped flowing does not mean the groundwater source has been depleted.

The California Groundwater Association represents the state’s water well contractors, pump installers, manufacturers, suppliers and groundwater professionals. Our members are currently experiencing a higher-than-average number of service calls and it is not uncommon for some water well contractors to schedule drilling or inspections up to two months in advance. So, it is important to act today to ensure your water well continues to operate properly and its water levels are sufficient.

To learn more about how droughts may be impacting your water well, you can visit wellowner.org. To find a qualified water well contractor to test your water levels, visit groundh2o.org/member-directory.

Remember, maintaining a water well is the sole responsibility of the property owner. So, don’t wait until it’s too late to have your water well inspected by a professional water well contractor!

Dave Schulenberg, Executive Director of California Groundwater Association

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