.Letters to the Editor: Recall Thoughts and Editorial Appreciation

No Recall

I am a student at one of California’s community colleges, and I am writing to urge readers to vote “No” on the upcoming recall election. With the entire West Coast on fire and Covid cases higher than ever across the country, we simply cannot afford to turn over control of the state to anti-science Republican candidates who have stated they will eliminate mask mandates and vaccine requirements, and will support the profits of big donors over the safety of Californians from the virus and natural disasters exacerbated by climate change. Additionally, Newsom has fought for the working class by doubling the size of California’s Earned Income Tax Credit in 2019, sending cash to low-wage workers. This expansion also includes a supplemental boost for taxpayers with young children. Newsom has continued to help those most vulnerable to be displaced during this pandemic by extending rent and utility debt relief with a $5.2 billion pot of federal cash to help Californians pay their back rent. This recall is a blatant attack on the civil rights, liberties and policies that are supported by the vast majority of Californians. My future and the future of other young people in the state are dependent on preventing California from going backward. To protect the future we’re working towards, please vote “No” in this recall.

Marlen Gil Velazquez


music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

We’re Blushing

Editor, I enjoyed your fresh, fun, incisive writing in the 8/25/21 North Bay Bohemian. Write on …. (!) Unlike you, too many popular media columnists I read do not have the talent you possess.

Daniel Edelstein


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