Letters to the Editor: June 16, 2021

An Open Letter to Erick Roeser

In December of 2019, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors passed a Socially Responsible Investing Resolution requesting that you, Mr. Roeser, our county treasurer “…make no new or renewed investments in fossil fuel development corporations to the extent that other, more socially responsible investments achieve substantially equivalent safety, liquidity, and yield.”

The major banks that finance the fossil fuel industry are listed in the annual Fossil Fuel Finance Report. It has come to our attention that, since the passage of this Resolution, you have to date invested over a half billion into the major commercial banks that invest in and profit from “fossil fuel development corporations.”

Given the urgency of the climate crisis and our County’s ongoing experience of devastating climate-driven drought, wildfires and flooding, the Sonoma County Climate Activist Network—comprised of over 50 Sonoma County climate activist groups and hundreds of local group members—request that you make no future investments with our tax dollars into banks listed in the Fossil Fuel Finance Report.

We urge you to respect the direction of your Board of Supervisors and of the people of Sonoma County whom you represent.

Sonoma County Climate Activist Network

Guerneville Gab

Why on earth would you say that “Guerneville is not a tourist town” (“Go Guerneville,” June 2)? All of San Francisco and residents of far-flung cities, and all those visitors enjoying Johnson Beach, renting air BnBs, eating in the restaurants, drinking in the bars and shopping certainly come as tourists. Otherwise, thank you for your appreciation of our small river town.

Laurie Lippin, Guerneville