.Letters to the Editor: Heroes and Scoops

Local Hero

While under the influence of my own special chaos fairy, I dropped my wallet on the street right in busy downtown San Anselmo. I didn’t even have time to realize my wallet was missing when my neighbor called to tell me a Good Samaritan had returned my wallet to my home address—with a not-insignificant amount of money (at least to me) still intact! What a sweet and heroic thing to do! So happy to have such a potentially big problem taken care of for me! We need to celebrate the general goodness of so many people in this world, and I definitely want to thank my own special hero.

Michelle Baucke, San Anselmo

What a Scoop!

Thank you for the article about people who don’t pick up after their dogs (Pacific Sun, News, April 27). I live on the part of Stinson Beach where dog people bring their dogs. What do you think is the first thing a dog wants to do when he gets to the beach after riding over Mt. Tam for 45 minutes? Yup, that’s right. Poop! Dog owners look the other way, pretending not to notice, as if they don’t think their dog is running around frantically looking for a place to leave a big steamer.

People have told me dog poop is organic, biodegradable, full of nutrients for the ocean. Others won’t use the plastic bags we provide because “they are not biodegradable.” So many dog owners walk right past the bag dispenser and the pet waste container on their way to and from the beach. Can you imagine what a drag it would be to take your four dogs to the beach and have to carry back four big sacks of poop? Well, some folks do it religiously and I want to thank them for that. Pick up after your pet like your children, who play in this sand. Thanks everyone!

Dino Colombo, Stinson Beach

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