.Letters to the Editor: Forest Fires

This is a plea, to the Board of Supervisors and Dept. of Forestry, from a tax-paying citizen who has now raised 3 tax-paying citizens in this county: please stop treating our forests with fuel. Please stop burning them and cutting them down.

As a lifetime citizen here, those forests are as much mine as they are yours. We have coexisted my entire lifetime, and I feel them calling to me, screaming for help. We have an agreement. We keep each other alive. So, please, stop. I know what those beautiful hills used to look like. Water used to flow through here. I used to swim in Mark West Creek. What have you done to our beautiful landscapes, and who on earth do you think you are to sell it? As if it was yours. Just like the water. While you create a pricing index for our every flaw, to further gauge us. Everyone has lost sight of what we truly value. What nurtures us. What sustains us. 

Every closure in Sonoma County you will find under the title of quality of life on the Santa Rosa city webpage. So don’t you think for a second I don’t know that you are fully aware of what it is you take from us daily, over time. We have become that boiling frog. Sonoma County are you going to continue to be boiled to death? When are we going to jump out of the pot?

Danielle Divine

Santa Rosa

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