.Best THC Beverages to Try in 2023

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When edibles hit their peak popularity a few years ago, cannabis consumers thought they had hit the jackpot. A weed gummy? Infused lozenges? THC mints? What a world. At the time, weed beverages weren’t really hitting the mark for a number of reasons. Yet now, the THC beverage market is absolutely exploding with incredible options to choose from. 

Many people are finding the benefits of drinking their cannabis over ingesting it, and it’s quickly becoming our new favorite way to get high. So, if you want to see what the buzz is all about, check out the list of the best THC beverages you must try in 2023. 

Why We Love Cannabis-Infused Drinks

For starters, not everyone enjoys smoking. In some cases, lighting a joint is just obnoxious or not allowed. Not to mention, it leaves a lingering smell on your clothes and hands that smells more like smoke than tasty buds. People who don’t care to smoke or even vape often lean towards cannabis edibles, but there are a few drawbacks to those. 

First of all, edibles take a long time to kick in. They must pass through the digestive system before circulating in the bloodstream, meaning you might not feel their effects for an hour or more. This can be pretty inconvenient if you’re trying to time your buzz for something specific. Secondly, it’s really easy to accidentally overdo it when eating edibles and end up with that icky paranoia feeling for what seems like countless hours. 

THC beverages, on the other hand, truly offer the perfect high. To infuse THC into liquid, manufacturers use a process called nanoemulsion to reduce the molecule size. This helps with complete homogenization, so every sip contains equal amounts of cannabis. It also increases bioavailability, which means that you can feel the effects much faster. You’ll most likely feel a weed drink come on within 15 minutes. The overall high is shorter too, so in about an hour, you can decide if you’d like to have another round or if you’re calling it a night. 

Weed drinks also offer a more social way to consume cannabis. Instead of just munching a gummy and heading to a party, you can bring your drinks with you and sip with your friends. (Assuming wherever you’re going allows cannabis consumption, of course.) For those looking to cut back on alcohol but not be totally sober, THC beverages are the drink you’ve been dreaming of, meaning you can still relax, catch a buzz and not be hungover the next day.          

Best THC Beverages to Try in 2023

We’ve got three top categories for our best THC beverages list, and we think you’d enjoy them all for different occasions. Check out what we’re drinking this year. 

  • Pabst Labs High Seltzers
  • St. Ides High Teas
  • Not Your Father’s Root Beer

Best Overall THC Drink: Pabst Labs High Seltzers

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This new cannabis brand may hold a famous name, but it’s a spin-off company from the renowned lager makers. Pabst Labs launched into the California cannabis industry in 2020 with its lemon-flavored THC-infused seltzer. These bubbly beverage masters are no strangers to creating easy-to-drink beverages with just the right amount of carbonation. They’ve been continually expanding their product line with massive praise from their brand loyalists. 

Flavors and Dosage

High Seltzer is available in six flavors. Each 12-ounce slim can contains 10 milligrams THC, but the two newest flavors to join the party feature additional cannabinoids to elevate the high. 

  • Midnight Berries – 10 mg THC + 2 mg CBD + 3 mg CBN
  • Energy Guava – 10mg THC + 5mg THCV
  • Lemon – 10 mg THC
  • Strawberry Kiwi – 10 mg THC
  • Mango Blood Orange – 10 mg THC
  • Passion Fruit Pineapple – 10 mg THC

What to Pair With

High Seltzer wins Best Overall THC Drink because it’s really suitable for any occasion. But we especially like backyard barbeques, pool parties, camping trips and anywhere you want to relax and kick back with your friends. It’s also an excellent mixer for THC mocktails. Add a few muddled herbs and fresh fruit juices for an elevated experience. 

Price Point

You can purchase a single can of High Seltzer for $5, but the prices get better with cases. Four packs are just $18, or you can get a variety party pack for $80. The party packs come with four cans of each flavor for a total of 24. You definitely need this for your next party. 

Where to Buy

Shop online and order delivery.

Best High-Dose THC Drink: St. Ides High Tea

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St. Ides has been in the cannabis industry for several years but just recently launched into beverages. Its first product was the delectable and highly potent THC shots. Each 4-ounce bottle contained 100 mg of THC and was only for heavy hitters. The folks at St. Ides took their formula and created a line of High Tea with the same 100 mg of THC. This time, it’s a nod to your “favorite throwback tea” from days gone by, but with a big kick. 

Flavors and Dosage

High Tea is available in Georgia Peach or Wild Raspberry. Each 12-ounce can contains 100 mg THC. 

What to Pair With

Grab a High Tea for a day at the beach, or keep a few cans handy for game night. There’s no wrong time to indulge in a sweet tea treat, and High Tea is perfect straight out of the can or poured over ice. Split with a friend if 100 mg would send you to the moon.

Price Point

Not only does High Tea win Best High Dose, but it should also win Best Price Point because it’s available at a price we know you’ll love. At just $7.99 per can, that’s 12.5 mg THC per dollar. Nothing to complain about there! 

Where to Buy

Order online and have your High Tea delivered to select areas in California. 

Best Sweet THC Drink: Not Your Father’s Root Beer

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Much like the beloved PBR brand, Not Your Father’s was not always a cannabis beverage. It was first a hard soda by Small Town Brewery, but we sure are glad it took the opportunity to branch out. The brand partnered with Pabst in the alcohol industry for marketing and distribution, so it makes perfect sense that they would do the same in the cannabis industry. 

Flavors and Dosage

There is only one flavor of NYF, and it’s the classic root beer. Yet, it’s somehow better than any other root beer we can remember. The strong zestiness is perfectly met with just the right amount of sugary sweetness. Every 12-ounce bottle contains 10 mg THC for an ideal solo dose. 

What to Pair With

It’s not hard to imagine how this drink is best enjoyed. We highly recommend that you get a very special glass, fill it with vanilla bean ice cream and pour a bottle of NYF’s root beer over the top. Eat with a spoon, drink with a straw and definitely add a cherry (or two) on top.

Price Point

Each bottle is just $6, and you can score a 12-pack for $60. 

Where to Buy

Get your Not Your Father’s root beer by ordering online

Weed Drinks for the Win

It’s about time you cracked open a can or bottle of a THC drink. If you haven’t tried them yet, what are you waiting for? We hope this list has inspired you to try a new high, explore the wonderful world of drinking your weed, and enjoy the many wonders of our favorite plant. Get your drink on.

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