.Carolyn Jones

Dec 19, 2023

California’s K-12 schools show progress in graduation rates and attendance, but flat in other...

California's K-12 schools saw year-over-year progress in graduation rates, absenteeism, and academic improvements, but most of the state's 13 measurements of student achievement remained flat due to the pandemic.
Oct 31, 2023

Teaching Tech: Computer science teachers needed

Five years ago, California embarked on an ambitious plan to bring computer science to all K-12 students, bolstering the state economy and opening doors...
A student uses a math chart to solve an addition problem. Photo by Pablo Unzueta/CalMatters
Oct 24, 2023

California student test scores change little from last year’s low

After California invested billions to help students rebound from the pandemic, K-12 math and English language arts scores remained mostly stagnant last year and...