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You Say Potato . . .



. . . and the fine folks at KSRO 1340-AM will rush to say “salad”! For the 24th year, the “Good Food Hour,” hosted by Steve Garner and chef John Ash, offers its annual recipe contest, this year focused on good old-fashioned potato salad. Only original recipes are considered, and the deadline is Nov. 3. As always, the top four recipe writers will be invited to a public cook-off, to be held again this year at G&G Market and slated for Nov. 6. A panel of “celebrity” judges will choose the best stuff and gift certificates, cookbooks and other kitchen-related pleasures will rain down.

In a nice bit of poetry, chef Ash ruminates that “from straw hat to top hat, from simple to elegant, potatoes grace the tables of home cooks to the finest restaurants. It’s the humble vegetable you can dress up and take to a party.” Everyone knows that your potato salad recipe is the best one (though we have a terrible fondness for the five-gallon bucket of the stuff that Costco sells); share your greatness with the world by submitting to or by mailing the recipe to the station care of the KSRO Recipe Contest, P.O. Box 2158, Santa Rosa, CA 95405.



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