Dope Like We Used to Be: Blockbusters, Board Games, and Aging with Weed

Up to a certain age, cannabis was perfect for game nights, digital cinema projection of CG blockbusters and sexy partner rubdowns.

Until not long ago.

Being something of a board-game geek, I once loved nothing more than taking a toke off my vape pen with some dad-friends and digging into a complex strategy game. Until at some point I started having to re-explain the battle mechanics with each toke around the room. More importantly, I started LOSING. Mid-game tokes were banned.

OK, reduced cognitive function, that’s fine, I could deal. Mary Tyler Moore warned me in the ’80s that was going to happen, anyway.

But the other day I went to see Dune with my brother-in-law. To protect his identity, I won’t say which brother-in-law.

It was a perfect Friday evening, with easy parking at a full-digital multiplex with reserved seating on auto-loungers. CG adaptation of a favorite masterpiece. It should have been a stoner’s dream.

Nevermind a review of the film, this is a review of the lack of “pow” our sativa cart gave me. Oh, I was high for sure. Judging from the passionate, ranging conversation over dinner after the movie, my bro was plenty high, too. No complaints there.

It’s just that, before, landing space corvettes being eaten by thousand-foot-long predator worms would have blown my fucking mind—a mix of endorphins and dopamine and cortisol forced through my body by the impossible scale of razor-thin life-or-death action.

It didn’t, though. The movie was cool, but nothing like watching Pacific Rim in the theater high as fuck a decade ago. Goosebumps.

These days—in my fifth decade—I stick to gummies and tinctures, and pay attention to my dose. Five to 15 mgs max a day will do it just right. More, and I feel it the next day. Anxiety down, stress released—that’s all I need from the plant.

My wife recently asked about topicals for a new pain in her shoulder. This surprised me, as she has never been a cannabis user. Although she was nervous about the CBD-heavy formulation—having had a pretty terrible CBD experience that is too sad and hilarious to repeat here—it did a great job. Big “ups” to Mary’s Medicinals for soothing my sweetie.

All things change. It’s the kind of insight that will bring a stoner to their knees, yet be forgotten by morning. In today’s market, change has brought precise formulations to fit every need.

Weed when we’re young, to open our minds. Weed when we’re old, to open our bodies. When I think about it, cannabis truly is a marvel.

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