Waitresses Talk

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WHICH eponymous restaurant can’t keep the “Help Wanted” sign out of the window because its owner pays the heroin dealer more often than the employees?WHAT Sonoma-area restaurant owner was spotted over Film Festival weekend pocketing his waitresses’ tips?WHO spends his mornings “greeting customers”—a.k.a. blatantly checking out the asses of girls walking by on the sidewalk?WHICH restaurant and pub’s clientele provided this overheard gem?: “When it comes to fuck music, it doesn’t get any better than Touch, by John Klemmer.”WHY is there a different girl every week working the counter at a certain Santa Rosa taqueria?WHERE does the waitstaff at a new, large downtown Santa Rosa eatery disappear to for 15 minutes after they seat their customers?WHEN will a certain vegetarian restaurant change their menu, open on weekends, or pay their workers over the table?HOW many times can a certain Windsor restaurant owner recycle the steamed rice before he finally tosses it out?WHAT body fluid was discreetly added to the order of a well-known real estate investor who’s never left anything but pocket change for a tip?



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