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“I want to talk about the history of our area,” says Clark Wolf. “There will be no script. This is going to be conversations and storytelling, mine and other people’s.”

Wolf—a Bohemian contributor who also regularly shows up on’s “Inside Scoop” pages; a restaurant consultant who helped to engineer the revitalization of Las Vegas as a food destination; who shows up as a celeb mention in the beloved Silver Palate cookbook series; and who is the author of his own 2008 book, American Cheeses—is about to add another line to his résumé: food-show host.

His new half-hour show, It’s Food: From the Heart of Sonoma Farm Country with Clark Wolf, debuts in November on KFTY TV-50, reaching some 1.7 million North Bay homes. There’s a significant chance it will be picked up by the 30-plus affiliate stations across the nation and that Wolf will one day soon be as ubiquitous as that guy who does garlic (and dives and diners).

Wolf, who regularly emcees at the Taste of Sonoma and other area events, is a quick study with a ready wit and a nearly unfathomable knowledge set about foodstuffs of all sorts. Chatty and voluble, he would seem to be a perfect fit for a swift three-segment program that talks.

“The whole idea is not to just show things,” Wolf explains. “It’s kind of a reality food show but with no competitions. Nobody loses; everybody wins. I really hope that there will be a conversation with people over some of their favorite foods.

“We begin taping in and around Sonoma on Oct. 4,” Wolf continues happily, “so if you see me, say ‘Hi.'”



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