Top Hookup Sites of 2021— Our Best Picks from the Most Popular Adult Casual Dating Platforms

With lockdowns and restrictions finally starting to ease up in various parts of the world, we know how giddy and fiery you’ve become from all the isolation that lasted for what seemed like a lifetime. And it’s the kind of sensation that only a hot casual hookup can satisfy.

In this article, we’re going to provide you with 29 of the best adult hookup sites where you can find an equally excited partner to enjoy each other’s company.

Whether you’re in it for the thrill of the casual hookup or you just so desperately need someone to hold and caress right now—and regardless of what sexual preference you might have—each and every one of these top hookup sites will definitely help you find the right partner to go out and have a blast with!

29 Best Hookup Sites in 2021 So Far

First Glance at the Top 10

  1. Best overall hookup site right now – AdultFriendFinder
  2. Easy casual hookups and NSA dates – Ashley Madison
  3. Best for sugar dating – Seeking
  4. Best LGBTQ+ casual hookup app – Feeld
  5. Best free casual hookup app – Tinder
  6. A top alternative dating site –
  7. A versatile casual hookup app – Hinge
  8. Best casual dating site for women – Bumble
  9. Most casual hookup app – Zoosk
  10. Best casual dating site for mature people – Silver Singles

1. Adult Friend Finder — Best overall hookup site right now

adult friend finder, dating, aff


  • Has the largest adult dating community
  • Lots of different communities
  • Mobile app version available
  • Provides helpful dating guides


  • Relatively higher rates than other sites
  • Requires you to search for the right partner

Membership rates: $26.95 for 1 month; $80.85 for 3 months

AdultFriendFinder, also known as AFF, is arguably one of the most immense adult hookup sites that you can find right now—if not the absolute largest. 

With nearly 100 million active accounts this is one of the most diverse adult hookup communities online that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Having said that, AFF is an undeniable hotspot if you’re looking for a specific kind of date; all you need to do is key in your query using the site’s search tool, which is more than decent in providing you with the right results.

The communities on AFF even have their own forums where they can connect and share content with each other. And speaking of content, it’s nice that this hookup site also provides you with an opportunity to connect with one another using their live cam feature.

This adult dating website is also one of the most popular casual hookup apps you can find, with a mobile version that’s just as effective and efficient as its website counterpart.

Best yet, AFF doesn’t just take your membership fee and then leaves you hanging; the site knows how to provide you with support in the form of dating guides and articles that you can read in order to help you increase your chances of catching a nice date with one (or more) of their members.

2. Ashley Madison — Easy casual hookups and NSA dates

ashley madison, have an affair online


  • Perfect for people in relationships
  • Mobile app is available
  • Lots of available payment methods
  • Customizable account settings
  • Discretion is guaranteed


  • Had a data hack many years ago (better security now)
  • There are fake accounts here

Pricing: $59.00 for 100 credits; $160.00 for 500 credits; $289.00 for 1000 credits

Ashley Madison is one of the most infamous casual hookup sites that you can check out right now, and for good reason: it’s an adult dating platform that’s designed for married individuals who are looking for a date.

As such, you’re most likely going to find either married men and women here who are looking to go out on a date or singles who are interested in married people. If you belong to either one of those groups, then you’re definitely going to find that AM is made specifically for your tastes.

Yes, their database was hacked a few years ago, which honestly just made the site even more popular, but they’ve since redoubled their efforts in providing you with some of the most discreet and secure casual hookup platforms that you can find right now.

There are a lot of payment methods available on AM as well, which allow you to purchase credits that can unlock additional features on the site. However, a basic membership is more than enough to help you find a nice “companion” to spend time with.

And with customizable profiles that let you upload and view various media, you’re going to enjoy how AM works the same way as your mainstream social media sites like FB or IG, with the only difference being that each and every one of their legit members is cruising the internet to find the perfect “friend”.

Wink, wink.

Oh, and best of all, there’s an AM mobile app that you can use so that you can take your casual hookup sessions anywhere. And we mean ANYWHERE: Ashley Madison has members all around the world!

3. Seeking — Best for sugar dating

seeking, online dating, friends with benefits


  • Real accounts guaranteed here
  • Each and every member profile is verified
  • Female members get free accounts
  • Has a lot of female users
  • 3 women for every 1 man


  • Pretty expensive membership rates
  • Strictly made for sugar dates

Membership rates: $89.95 per 1 month; $239.85 for 3 months (for men)
Free for women to join

Seeking, sometimes known as Seeking Arrangement, is where you go to find a date if you’re tired of striking out on other platforms out there. 

Granted, Seeking primarily caters to men dating women, so we can’t say that you’re going to find this hookup site to be useful if you belong to the LGBTQ+ community (don’t worry, though: we got you covered, so just keep on reading).

With a ratio of roughly 3 female members to every 1 male on Seeking, you’re going to enjoy how there are so many dating options to choose from on this site. And the primary reason that women flock over to this hookup website is because if you’re a member of the fairer sex, then you won’t have to pay for any membership fees. 

Simply create your account and watch the boys come to your yard!

If you’re a guy, you’re going to have to pay their membership fees right from the start, but it’s verily a small price to pay to give you a near-100% batting average with the women here due to the fact that this is a sugar dating site where the women are professional companions that you can take out on dates in exchange for “gifts”.

Yes, the whole sugar dating setup might get pricey, but rest assured that Seeking won’t give you a match that simply gives you the run-around after receiving your “gift”. 

There basically aren’t any fake accounts or pesky little trolls here, thanks to the fact that Seeking has some of the most airtight account verification processes in place. Simply put, not anyone can just simply hop on the Seeking bandwagon; you have to be legit!

4. Feeld — Best LGBTQ+ casual hookup app

dating app for couples and singles


  • Caters to a whole host of genders
  • Provides a safe dating environment
  • Not exclusively made for singles
  • Great profile customization options


  • Basic memberships a bit lackluster
  • Some accounts aren’t active

Membership rates: $15.99 for 1 month, or $31.99 for 3 months

Feeld sets itself apart from other casual hookup sites out there by being the premier adult dating site for the LGBTQ+ community, and that’s not just some advertising hokum that the company sells; it’s actually true.


Well, this casual dating app is optimized for people of all genders, but puts an emphasis on helping LGBTQ+ members of our community get in on the dating game.

Additionally, Feeld is diverse with their dating options, too. This isn’t all about one-night stands and casual flings; it’s also an app that helps you find the right long-term partner.

Now, that might annoy some of you people who just want a space where they can find other casual partners, but believe us when we say that you won’t have a hard time finding one here in spite of the wide range of available dating categories.

Also, Feeld isn’t just an LGBTQ+ dating app for singles; it’s also suitable for poly couples who are either looking for other couples to have a fun time with or other singles to include in their date nights. If nothing else, Feeld is truly a champion of adult hookup diversity.

You can use this dating app for free, but you’ll be much better off with a premium membership, which honestly are some of the most affordable rates on any hookup site right now.

And since this is a mobile app, you can bet that you can find a nice date to take out for a night out of town wherever in the world you may be.

5. Tinder — Best free casual hookup app

tinder, dating app


  • Simple and streamlined user interface
  • Provides quickfire and easy matches
  • Available to all genders
  • One of the largest dating communities


  • Unlimited access requires Tinder+ account
  • Lots of fake accounts floating around

Membership rates: $14.99 for 1 month; $8.83 for 6 months; and $6.92 for 12 months

Tinder has become synonymous with casual dating, and for good reason! It’s one of the first hookup apps to have gained an unprecedented amount of popularity due to how quick and easy they’ve made the whole online dating process.

As such, it’s become one of the largest adult online hookup communities available today, too. And even after all these years, Tinder isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

Specifically, Tinder is perfect for you if you’re the type of person who’s looking for a date quickly and conveniently. With a user interface that even the most technologically inept can get used to in a matter of minutes, the app makes a name for itself by also providing you with their trademark “swiping”.

Come on: you already know it. “Swipe left” and “swipe right” have gone on to become part of people’s vocabulary!

If you’re unfamiliar, the “swipe” system on Tinder allows you to choose your date based on the app’s matching algorithm by literally swiping left (if you want to pass on them) or right (if you want to connect with them).

Now, Tinder is available for free, but it has daily limits if you use a basic account that charges no fees at all. A Tinder+ account is required if you want to spend all day checking out which local singles are nearby to swipe. 

Admittedly, both types of accounts are rather effective, so it’s all a matter of preference if you want to go the premium route or not.

6. — A top alternative hookup site for kinks online dating app


  • Has a nice and supportive community
  • Diverse groups are the highlight here
  • Has live streaming capabilities
  • Perfect for fans of alternative adult dating


  • Lots of trolls and fake accounts here
  • Free version needs more features

Membership rates: $29.95 for 1 month; $59.97 for 3 months; $149.97 for 12 months, or simply Alt, is an adult hookup site that’s made specifically for fans of alternative relationships and alternative dating in general. As such, you’re going to find that most, if not all, of the users on Alt have some rather unusual preferences when it comes to how they want to go out with people.

However, make no mistake, Alt provides one of the safest environments for fans of this sort of dating setups, so you’re going to find that the fun and diverse communities within the adult dating site are some of the most supportive and judgment-free among the online dating world.  It was even named the best BDSM hookup site by in 2018 and 2019.

Granted, though, you should be aware that Alt also has some fake accounts and trolls floating around, which is due to the fact that this hookup site provides free basic memberships to its visitors. A good indicator that you’re connecting with someone legit is if you find that they’re a premium member.

Always be careful.

The rates on Alt are reasonable, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try out upgrading your account upon joining. This unlocks all the available features on the site, including their useful and entertaining live streaming option that lets you connect with members on webcam.


7. Hinge — A versatile casual hookup app

hinge dating app, online


  • Allows you to send messages for free
  • Provides data “scrub” feature
  • Detailed member profiles
  • Great for different dating styles
  • Very affordable premium membership


  • Not available on desktop

Membership rates: $9.99 for 1 month; $20.97 for 3 months; $29.94 for 6 months

Hinge might appear like your regular old adult hookups site, but it stands out among its peers by providing its members with some of the most secure and discreet online casual hookup experiences available.

That’s thanks primarily to how Hinge has a “scrub” system that allows you to delete the app easily, and at the same time remove all your history with the app. Suffice it to say that it’s like nothing ever happened once you decide to delete Hinge.

And don’t worry, reinstalling it doesn’t mean you have to go through the whole signup process. Hinge simply hides all your data once you delete it, then resumes everything once you’re back.

Another great feature of Hinge is how most members have detailed profiles that let you find out their exact preferences. Speaking of preferences, too, Hinge is available for a variety of dating styles, whether it’s casual hookups or more serious stuff between you and one of their members.

All Hinge members are required to upload at least 6 photos, which others might find to be a bit of a hassle. But to us, it actually adds to the detail that you can put on the profile. After all, it’s not easy to decide if you’re choosing a product with just a single photo, right?

Although not available on desktop, it really doesn’t matter. We’re living in a more mobile world, after all. So, Hinge’s app-only exclusivity makes it a go-to option for people who are always on the road and are looking for a date to snuggle with.

8. Bumble — Best hookup app for women

bumble dating app


  • Gives its female members more control
  • Visually appealing user interface
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Basic account is free
  • Signup process is quick and easy


  • Saved matches get deleted on basic account

Membership rates: $149.99 for a lifetime subscription

Bumble is one of the more popular adult hookup apps out there with a fairly large community who also happens to be pretty active. But what makes this adult dating app stand out from all its competitors is the way that it gives women more control over male members.

That is to say, women initiate a conversation (send messages or share media) with other users. As such, the whole Bumble experience is more streamlined compared to other sites where just anyone can send you an unsavory pic of their privates.

Here, women have more power and are less likely to get crept on by an unwanted member.

On the downside, though, Bumble has a time limit with the saved matches you might have stored in your account if you’re only using a free membership.

Now, as a whole, you’re going to find that Bumble’s premium membership tier is one of the most affordable. Well, that is if you’re planning on using this app for the long term. If you’re just browsing around for the right casual hookup app, then feel free to just check out whether Bumble is right for you.

But believe us, with lots of great users and an interface that lets you quickly find a match, you’re more likely going to want to keep this little dating app around.

9. Zoosk — Most relaxed casual hookup app and site

zoosk, find singles, online dating


  • Widely available throughout the world
  • Mobile app is great
  • Nice pairing algorithm
  • No need for account signups
  • Free basic memberships


  • Basic accounts lack features
  • Lots of fake users

Membership rates: $29.99 for 1 month; $59.99 for 2 months; $74.99 for 6 months

Contrary to popular belief, Tinder doesn’t have a monopoly on casual dating apps. The existence of other platforms like Zoosk, which is readily available worldwide, allows you to have some great alternatives to that mobile online dating juggernaut.

Zoosk is unique in the way that it’s a casual hookup app that puts an emphasis on the “casual” part. That’s our way of saying that this particular adult dating app doesn’t require you to create an account with them in order to make use of their services.

Of course, you’re always free to create a free profile with Zoosk, with the option of upgrading to a premium membership that unlocks all features and removes any daily usage limits for a slightly expensive fee.

However, regardless of which membership tier you’re using, you’re going to find that Zoosk has one of the nicest pairing algorithms around that not just searches for your preferences in the area, but also takes into account your profile’s preferences.

It’s easy to use, too, and the large overall community that Zoosk has to offer gives you more of a likelihood to find the right match to go out with you on a casual date around the city. Or to Netflix and chill. Your choice!

10. Silver Singles — Best casual hookup site for mature people

silver singles, online dating for 50 and older


  • Personalized match suggestions
  • Very user-friendly interface
  • Has a large and active community
  • Made especially for older individuals


  • Free version lacks features
  • Mobile version only available for premium members 

Membership rates: $37.95 per month

If you thought that the dating game was for the young, then you have another thing coming.

Silver Singles is an adult hookup site that’s been specifically designed for persons of advanced age (meaning those randy people aged 50 and above). With them being the primary demographic that SS caters to, they made sure that the user interface on both their site and app are some of the easiest to understand and use.

Also, we love how SS finds you a perfect match based on a personalized questionnaire that you may answer in order for their site to help you find the right member that fits your preferences. Don’t worry, though: you can also search the site manually if you want a more hands-on experience.


Yes, SS is the type of casual hookup site and app where you’re going to benefit more from a premium membership than a basic one, but with all the available features on this site, you’re probably going to want to upgrade to a premium tier anyway!

Runners-up for the Best Casual Hookup Apps and Websites

We highly doubt it, but if you think none of the picks that we prepared for you match your casual dating tastes, then feel free to check out this exhaustive list of other fine casual hookup apps and sites that you can check out right now!

  1. Out Personals – made specifically for gay hookups, this one is both available for casual hookups and more serious relationships.
  2. Badoo – a great sex site that works like a traditional social media website.
  3. Be Naughty – features location-based pairing algorithm that’s designed for women
  4. FetLife – another great site for fans of alternative hookup arrangements
  5. Grindr – It’s as convenient and large as Tinder, but made exclusively for gay men (and queer people)
  6. Swapfinder – a nice casual hookup site with a specialty in providing couples dates
  7. OkCupid – a trusted, legit, and popular adult search site made for all-around use
  8. Sudy – a top sugar dating platform for easy casual hookups
  9. Black People Meet – A dating platform that’s made specifically with African-American members in mind
  10. HER – Perfect option for LGBTQ+ adult casual hookups
  11. Pure – provides fast-paced casual hookups via quickfire suggestions
  12. DoubleList – an online classified ads space made for finding dates
  13. Adult Search – perfect for couples who are looking to spice up their date nights
  14. Established Men – another great sugar dating site that ensures companionship
  15. Cougar Life – made especially for older women who are looking for younger companions
  16. Asiandate – a top casual hookup site for people of Asian descent
  17. Match – a nice alternative to Hinge or Tinder
  18. Reddit R4R – a large, active online dating forum
  19. Plenty of Fish – one of the most popular hookup apps today

There are a variety of options here, which range from general casual hookups to more specific adult setups (like sugar dates and cougar dating). Most of these runners-up also cater to both cishet and LGBTQ+ individuals who are looking for company.


Best Casual Hookup Sites FAQs

How can I make sure I have a nice casual hookup experience?

We understand your woes. After all, meeting new people isn’t as easy as the movies tend to portray them. As such, allow us to give you a few helpful tips to help make sure that both you and your partner have a grand old time with each other when you decide to meet and have a casual date.

1. Find the right online platform

Not all adult casual hookup sites are made the same. Some are geared at a more general userbase, while others tend to specialize in certain groups and niches. It’s important that you find the right online hookups site or adult search app that features the right kind of users that you can hook up with.

For example, a site like Silver Singles would be perfect for you if you’re an older man or woman looking to date someone your own age. If you’re on the younger side, though, you’re better off on an app like Tinder or Bumble.

2. State your intentions (hooking up!)

It’s important that other users on your chosen casual hookup site or app know what kind of relationship you’re looking for. This is especially applicable if you’re using a site like Zoosk or Tinder, which cater to a more general dating crowd as well as hookups.

As such, stating what kind of relationship you’re looking for right from the start will help both you and the other members of the site or app you’re using to save more time and effort when looking for the right partner.

3. Be respectful

Hey, keep in mind that each and every user on this dating site—that includes you, pal—are all just looking for someone to have a nice time with. Don’t be that member who keeps spoiling things for everyone by being an insufferable troll.

4. Keep yourself safe

The internet is a wide, wild place, so always remember to take the necessary precautions especially when you’re about to meet someone in real life for the first time. 

It’s best to meet at a public place in these cases first; also remember to not give out any financial information, and don’t give them your home address unless you’re really sure you can trust them.

Ideally, have your first hook-up in a neutral place like a hotel where there are still people nearby who can help if things go awry.

5. Practice safe sex

You don’t know where your partner’s parts have been, and if sexual intercourse is on the table, then it’s best that you come prepared with the necessary protection from any STDs or injuries you might get. 

Whether it’s condoms, lube, or spermicide, remember to keep them handy when you want to get intimate.

What’s the best casual hookup site for me?

Finding the perfect casual hookup site for you is easy. All you need to know is what your preferences are.

  • If you’re looking for a general dating/hookup site where you get a bit of everything, then we recommend Bumble, Tinder, or Hinge.
  • If you’re looking to find a sexy hookup easily without the need for vigorous searches and pairing suggestions, then apps like Adult Friend Finder, Ashley Madison, and Seeking are perfect.
  • If you’re looking for more niche hookups, try apps like Alt (for alternative dating and kink) or Silver Singles (for mature individuals).

The point is you just need to know what kind of crowd any given hookup site offers and determine whether they match your needs.

You’re not gonna find a sexy hookup on Christian Mingle, you know?

What’s the best hookup site for women?

If you’re a woman looking for a nice date online, then you have a few options that you can choose from.

First, if you’re on the market for a site or app that lets you find a nice casual date, all the while providing you with a safe, secure, and active hookup environment, then you should definitely try out Bumble. This dating app gives women more control over male members, as they’re the only ones allowed to initiate conversations with their prospective partners.

On the other hand, if you want to be a professional companion and make a living while you go out on nice dates, then you should try sites like Seeking, which are made for sugar relationships where women can be employed by men to go out on dates in exchange for “gifts”. It’s a mutually beneficial dating style that both parties will find enjoyable.

If you’re into sugar dating, that is.

What’s the best hookup site for LGBTQ+ people?

One of the best LGBTQ+ specific adult hookup sites that you can check out right now is Feeld – it’s an adult dating app that’s designed for LGBTQ+ members to have a safe space where they can connect and meet with one another in hopes of finding a nice date.

More general options like Adult Friend Finder, Grindr, and HER also cater to LGBTQ+ individuals, so you can also check those out if you’re looking for adult dating sites that are friendly towards all genders.

Do I need premium memberships to use these hookup sites?

Not really. 

Most of these hookup sites that we’ve provided you have a basic option that lets you take advantage of their services for free. Of course, premium accounts get more perks and features, but you should only opt for one if you feel the need to.

The Best Casual Hookup Sites Conclusion

Casual hookup apps and sites are some of the most convenient ways with which you can find a hot date that you can have a great time with.

And with great options like Adult Friend Finder, Ashley Madison, and Seeking—just to name a few—you won’t have to go through the grueling process of finding the right sites that will provide you with a legit platform to find a suitable casual partner.

Just remember to keep yourself safe whenever you go out on a real date. The restrictions might be gradually lifting, but it’s best if you stay vigilant to make sure that you and your casual date have the best possible time.

Now, go out there and have fun!