Star Power

Local foundation helps special needs kids


Santa Rosa philanthropists are blazing new trails with a foundation committed to providing a priceless musical experience for youths with special needs.

Reminiscent of other experience-based gift foundations, the Everybody Is a Star Foundation focuses its efforts on providing young people aged 11 to 22 with a creative outlet based on a platform of musical development and production. The result is the production of a studio recorded song and professionally filmed music video that promotes a sense of accomplishment in a group of young people that may otherwise have been excluded from the industry.

Everybody Is a Star was founded by Peter McEvilley and Howard Sapper with the intent to change that. The program coordinates festival appearances and other public exhibitions of featured performers, and providing “stars” with tools to make their name in the industry, whether through music production experience or broadcasting know-how. One such participant, Loren Moale, has found success as a broadcaster at a nonprofit Napa TV stemming from his experience with the foundation.

North Bay residents can look forward to more success stories and event appearances by this inspiring organization. If you’re interested in donating to support the program, go to
Jessie Janssen



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