Sonoma Laughfest Goes for the Giggles


Actress and producer Brooke Tansley has spent 25 years living and working in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles, appearing in films, on TV and on stages from Broadway to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. Now residing in Sonoma County and itching to bring big city fun to the North Bay, Tansley and fellow producer Kristen Rozanski present the inaugural Sonoma Laughfest, a smorgesboard of a dozen shows with over 90 comedians, musicians and actors, taking place tonight, Oct 22, through Sunday, Oct 25, at the Sonoma Community Center. 

The Laughfest opens this evening with comedy scenes from sketch groups Pimm’s Girl (Los Angeles), Naptime (San Francisco) and 100% Stuff (Los Angeles). Improvisational funnies will follow from Liss n’ Sams (San Francisco) and musical comedy duo Erin & MeLissa (Los Angeles). Then, standup stars Becky Klueger (Portland), Zan Aufderheide (Los Angeles) and Mimi Vilmenay (Bay Area) join local comedians to round out the night.

This pattern continues throughout the weekend, with performers who have been seen on classic and contemporary comedy series like “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Strangers with Candy,” “Parks and Recreation” and “Key & Peele.” There’s also several popular figures from touring troupes like Upright Citizens Brigade, the group who literally wrote the book on Improv comedy, as well as Chicago’s legendary Second City, where many “Saturday Night Live” alums made their start. Additionally, the slew of standup comedians making their way to Sonoma are widely-recognized names currently defining the comedy scenes in San Francisco, Los Angeles and beyond.

For a full schedule and details on buying tickets or volunteering, visit the Sonoma Laughfest page here.



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