Sept. 25: ‘Grand Hotel’ at Napa Valley Opera House


Greta Garbo. Joan Crawford. Not one, but two Barrymores. Aspiring stars, jewelry theft, brutish fighting, drunken foibles, and the famous line, “I want to be alone.” All these things and more make up ‘Grand Hotel,’ presented this week in the Napa Valley Opera House’s classic film series. Named Best Picture in 1932, the film holds up tremendously well, not only for its pioneering plot of interweaving characters and unusual cinematography, but for sheer old-Hollywood star power. There’s a thrilling climax involving a rotary phone, too, that can’t be beat—and that couldn’t possibly be effective with a lousy four-inch, 3.95-ounce iPhone 5. See Grand Hotel on Tuesday, Sept. 25, at the Napa Valley Opera House, 1030 Main St., Napa. 7pm. $7. 707.226.7372.



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