Seeing Double

The Sklar Brothers come to City Winery


Randy and Jason Sklar, comedy’s first “openly twin” act, are not afraid to embrace their duplicity. Their penchant for sentence-finishing deliveries and rapid-fire routines has made them a popular fixture on the stage and screen alike.

A brief glimpse at their television résumé shows a long list of award-winning appearances on everything from Curb Your Enthusiasm to Entourage. The twin team has also appeared in movies, though they shine best in their live comedy. Together, the Sklars build upon jokes with an energetic Ping-Pong effect, bouncing ideas off each other and doubling up on laughs.

Growing up in the Midwest, their affection for sports led them to host athletic-inspired funny shows like Cheap Seats and star in the web series Back on Topps. Their popular podcast, Sklarbro Country, has featured sports pundits like Jim Rome and John Salley, and their latest standup special, What Are We Talking About, parodies the ESPN analytics that come with major sporting events. Currently streaming on Netflix, What Are We Talking About is a hilarious and lightning-quick hour of laughs that pokes fun at more than just sports, and offers a preview of what to expect this weekend when the brothers appear in Napa.

The Sklar Brothers perform on Sunday, Aug. 31, at City Winery, 1030 Main St., Napa. 8pm. $25–$35. 707.260.1600.



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