Rollin’ Deep


“This Is the Roll You’ve Been Looking For,” proclaims the Jedi mind trick at Haku Sushi in Santa Rosa. Except it’s no trick—upon tasting the tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado and tobiko roll wrapped with cucumber and drizzled with sunomono sauce, it’s apparent that this is, indeed, the roll you’ve been looking for all along.

This crunchy, super-fresh delight is one of the dozens of rolls with deliciously witty titles at Haku Sushi, which opened last month in Santa Rosa’s Brickyard Center. Others include “What She’s Having” (if the table next to you starts to shake, this is probably what was ordered) and the deep-fried cream cheese-and-salmon spectacular, “Thunder Down Under.”

Haku also offers udon, bento boxes and other traditional Japanese fare; it’s not easy to choose with so many enticing options. Perplexed diners could just yell out, “Roll Me a Fatty!” and find themselves rewarded with a tasty combination of tuna, white tuna, salmon, avocado and cucumber wrapped in daikon radish sprouts and crab. But try to avoid eye contact with the live betta fish used as shelf decoration: after too many “fatties,” things could get weird. 518 Seventh St., Santa Rosa. 707.541.6359.



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