Nov 2, 2018

Save the Phoenix Theater!

From opera house to movie theater to rock and roll venue and teen center, the Phoenix Theater in downtown Petaluma has become an institution and invaluable community resource in Sonoma County. Now, the venue needs the community's help to stay open. Recently, the Phoenix was given notice by the city that a...
Aug 6, 2015

Return of the (Grateful) Dead is Already Upon Us

Remember way back in June and July, when the four remaining core members of the Grateful Dead played five...
Jul 20, 2015

Soul Asylum Switches Up Venues

Huh. Today in totally unexpected news, aging alternative rock group Soul Asylum just switched up venues on their upcoming...
Jul 14, 2014

Tommy Ramone: The Last Bruddah

Last week, it happened for the fourth time. The radio alarm went off, and a “Morning Edition” host announced...
Jun 6, 2013


Justin Bieber is headed to space. One can only hope he stays. Reports say the Canadian pop star and...
Apr 5, 2013

Happy 153rd Birthday, Recorded Sound!

All lovers of vinyl need to check this out. It’s the audio of the earliest known gramophone recording, which...
Mar 8, 2013

I Don’t Know if Punk Rock is Bullshit, But John Roderick’s Argument Certainly Is

BY RACHEL DOVEY I never was punk. (Or "a punk?" Or "a punk rocker?" See, I don't even know the...
Jan 27, 2013

Here is the List of “Influential Albums,” Which Incidentally is Bullshit

Facebook has been abuzz in the last few days with this moronic "Influential Albums" quiz, which users must hand...
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