Paradise Revolts

Change comes to Puerto Rico. Will America be next?


United State citizens on an island in the Caribbean Sea have provided a lesson, a “course in miracles” for our current crisis here in America. We and the whole world have witnessed 15 days of non-violent revolution with a victory against corruption and oppression, with pots and pans clanging, famous hip-hop performers,signs, art, songs and chants: “Rossello Renuncia!” “Rossello Renuncia!” with marching demonstrators numbering over 1.5 million.

America and the whole world has watched Puerto Ricans shoulder to shoulder, refusing to leave, but remaining in dialogue, passion and solidarity to break the bonds of oppression and corrupt policies, long endured for almost three years since Hurricane Maria. This is a great movement in the Greater Antilles. This is a wave of oceanic fervor and resistance to change the tide of a dishonest government. President Rossello has officially resigned.

Meanwhile, the United States of America is besieged by a dictator in the White House, gripped by a coup accomplished with a dishonest and criminal election with a Congress mired in dysfunction, collusion
and inhumane executive orders imposed in direct violation of our Constitution. We have a two-party system in disarray, an atmosphere of injustice, a rigged Supreme Court and total absence of morality.

I believe we have been presented by the government of Puerto Rico with a gift of courage to resist, to demonstrate non-violently and to loudly shout: No more! Can we be inspired to act in a power of the people revolution? We, too, must no longer be silent.

I can hear our nightly noises and calls of the coqui and crickets joining the islanders’ echoes of joyous spirit. I feel it. Oh, America. It can be our miracle, too!

Nina Tepedino is former Sebastopol resident who lives in Rincon, Puerto Rico. We welcome your contribution. To have your topical essay of 350 words considered for publication, write



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