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Open Mic: Rep. Thompson Responds to Jobs Guarantee Critique


Thank you, Rachel Cohen, for raising the issue of jobs and highlighting my commitment to bold action by the Federal government to create and preserve jobs.

Recovering from the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic requires us to take comprehensive action, which is why I voted to pass the American Rescue Plan. This bill will help protect untold number of jobs.

That includes $350 billion invested in state and local governments to help keep teachers, first responders and public health officials on the job. The bill also provided more than $7 billion to boost the Paycheck Protection Program which keeps people employed at small businesses and more than $26 billion for restaurants to keep employees on the job.

The Rescue Plan also included over $7 billion to hire more public health workers and $30 billion for local transit agencies to keep their drivers and other employees on the payroll.

Please know I also support President Biden’s American Jobs Plan, a $2 trillion investment in infrastructure over the next eight years. Some initial estimates show it could create 7 million jobs.

I am working to ensure this bill includes the provisions of my GREEN Act, a bill that uses the tax code to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This bill incentivizes the use of renewable energy and will reduce carbon emissions, all of which will help us to create more green jobs.

Know I will work to continue this trend of job creation and economic investment into the workforce of the 21st Century economy.

Rep. Mike Thompson represents Napa County and parts of Sonoma County in Congress. This piece was in written response to a recent opinion article by Rachel Cohen, a member of Sunrise Sebastopol Youth Hub which works with Sunrise Movement Sonoma County.

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