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Open Mic: How Fair Is My Tent!

Photo: Kane Reinholdtsen/Unsplash

Although my house consists 

of walls, floors, ceilings, 

doors, windows and corners, 

straight lines, right angles, 

my life living in it is 

curved, organic, amoebic, 

visceral, freeform, flowing, 

a place where magic 

horizontal words and lines 

can meander, bend, curl, 

twist as I follow metaphors 

down rounded rabbit-shaped 

rabbit-holes and up into 

dreaming fluffy clouds, 

responses responding to 

responses floating with 

no beginning, no ending. 

My house is my tent, 

palm-groves and cedars, 

my retreat, my palace, 

a place of playful work, 

my very own paradise, 

blooming in the desert of my mere humanity. 

Rita S. Losch, M.A., MFA, lives in Santa Rosa—not too far from black-and-white cows. We welcome your contribution. To have your topical essay of 350 words considered for publication, write