Nov. 7: Homecoming Help in Sebastopol


For more than 20 years, Santa Rosa resident Okili Nguebari has dealt with an immigration nightmare. Originally from the People’s Republic of the Congo, he has been unable to return to his homeland for fear of deportation. Here in the North Bay, Nguebari is well known in the community as the founder of the United Africa Club, which promotes cultural arts festivals and concerts highlighting African musicians. Now the community is giving back, holding a fundraising music festival to help Nguebari and, hopefully, the rest of his family here realize the dream of safely visiting the Congo and reconnecting with loved ones. Music from Danjuma & Onola, Midnight Sun Massive and others accompanies auctions, dinner and more. The festival takes place on Friday, Nov. 7, at the Sebastopol Community Center, 390 Morris St., Sebastopol. 6pm. $20. 707.544.3524.



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