Monster Party

New North Bay band puts a contemporary spin on '90s alternative

SCREAM AND SCREAM AGAIN Modern Monsters make their presence known in Santa Rosa with a show this week at Whiskey Tip.

New on the Bay Area scene, the hard-hitting and socially conscious rock band Modern Monsters take their primary inspiration from the 1990s era of alternative and experimental rock, hip-hop, soul and grunge, a time when the members were all coming of age.

Formed in San Rafael by Marin-based bassist Brody Bass and also featuring Marin vocalist Chari Glogovac-Smith, East Bay–based guitarist Rich Wells, and Sonoma County drummer Keenan Tuohy and guitarist Wyatt Lennon, the group is less than two years old but has already evolved a self-assured sound.

Local audiences can catch the band in action this week, when Modern Monsters take over the Whiskey Tip in Santa Rosa on March 8.

With Bass and Wells splitting co-writing duty, Modern Monsters have gelled in the last six months after several lineup and name changes.

“Brody and I are both very down-to earth people, and don’t let things get under our skin,” says Wells. “And if things do get under our skin, we both have music as a release for that. Whatever emotions are trapped inside us, whenever we write a song, we just let it all out.”

The band is midway through recording their debut EP, having laid down several tracks with Grammy-winning producer and engineer Michael Rosen (Rancid, Santana), and they’ve started an online fundraiser on IndieGoGo to help complete the project. Campaign perks include a chance to smash a guitar onstage with the band and a private concert.

The group is also gearing up to play an unofficial showcase in Austin during the annual South by Southwest music conference and festival. That showcase will be hosted by Balanced Breakfast, who organize music-industry meetups in cities throughout the country, including Santa Rosa.

More than just a party band, Modern Monsters carry messages of social positivity and tap into an uplifting collective energy at
live shows.

“What we do as a band is try to get conversations started, bring down the walls between people,” says Wells. “We appreciate the community and whatever brings it together—we want to be a part of that.”

Modern Monsters rock on Friday, March 8, at Whiskey Tip, 1910 Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa. 9pm. 707.843.5535.



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